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Harry Lewis (born November 24, 1996 (1996-11-24) [age 21]) also known by his channel name W2S (formerly wroetoshaw), is a gamer from Guernsey. His videos were heavily based on commentaries of the FIFA series.

Wroetoshaw (Harry) is known for his iconic blue jumper which he wears throughout most of his many videos. He also plays GTA 5 on his other channel. Wroetoshaw is a supporter of Chelsea. He is part of the Ultimate Sidemen.


Wroetoshaw mainly partakes in FIFA 'Pink Slip' challenges - a wager match played for a FIFA Ultimate Team Player Card.

Wroetoshaw became the first person ever to rage-quit in an MLG tournament after he was humiliated 8-1 in a 2-leg Semi-final of a FIFA 14 tournament for the Sidemen.

He lived in Guernsey with his parents, sister Rosie and brother named Josh, until September 2014, when he moved to London and moved in with Calfreezy, Marina Joyce, and Callux.

He also has a second channel named W2S Plays, where he plays random games like The Crew.

Style of Play

Wroetoshaw plays FIFA very constructively and incorporates as much realism as possible into his game. However, he is also well-known for raging when his efforts aren't always enough and this is seen as comical in many of his videos. He often breaks and/or throws equipment, including:

  • A Chair (IF Bale Pinkslips)
  • Multiple Xbox Controllers
  • A mug (Ribery wager)
  • An Xbox 360

Notable Videos

Wroetoshaw has competed in various 'Pink Slips' matches, but his most notable are:

  • TOTY Ronaldo(KSIOlajidebt)
  • IF Messi  (vs Bateson87)
  • Pele (vs Calfreezy)
  • Pele (vs KSIOlajidebt)[[Category:Gaming YouTubers]]