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Tom Wiggett (born July 20, 2000) known as WaHeyMovies, is an Australian YouTuber and was a gaming commentator. His channel was opened on the 7th November 2012, and he quickly grew to be an amazing YouTuber with over 3400 subscribers to date. His channel has also recently hit 1,000,000 views! An amazing achievement for a YouTuber!

He is well known for his skill in special effects. Many of his videos are tributes to video games such as Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Slender and Grand Theft Auto.

Tom has a second and third channel (WaHeyStudios) and (imFLaME) that used to be gaming channels, but are now unactive, they contained many Call Of Duty, NBA 2K and Minecraft videos on them.