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Weekend Warrior is a YouTuber who's a multi-media critic. He does reviews of video games and movies often in a rather comedic fashion much of the time and is known for using an MS Pain avatar in his reviews.


Weekend Warrior is a YouTuber who often uploads videos usually during the weekend (hence his name) and then usually cover wide range of topics such as movies and video games. When covering them, he's usually seen with his MS Pain Avatar, behind a computer with a brown coat over a red shirt and speaks in a high-pitched voice.

Quick Plays

Quick Plays are very similiar to that of Let's Plays but being shorter. They usually involve Weekend Warrior playing a game often within a short amount of time and also plays with an unknown person (presumably a friend of his).

Minor Complaints

His first series and the his first video, minor complaints usually involes Weekend Warrior talking about a film or game that he really likes but points out small complaints that he had with the game or film. They don't take away from the experience, but he feels the need to point them out.

Comic Commentary

Weekend Warrior does numerous videos where he talks about movies and tv shows that are adapted from comic book series. Examples include reviews of both Marvel's Daredevil on Netfilx and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where he compares it to Captain America: Civil War and analyzes what civil war did better than bvs.

BvS v Civil War

A mini-series within his Comic Commentary series, BvS v Civil War was a short mini-series where he compared both Batman v Superman and Civil War and pointed out all of the major flaws of bvs as well as what civil war did better. It spread out to a three part series until he combined all of the parts into an hour-long full-length video analysis.