Wendy's Eating Show is an American YouTube channel. She is mainly known for MUKBANG eating. She published her first video on YouTube on July 15, 2016. Her most popular video was titled "DIY GIANT TAKIS", which gained over 2,683,300 views as of April 6, 2017.


Wendy is of Mexican descent and lives in San Diego, California. Prior to creating her MUKBANG channel, Wendy created a YouTube channel called mybbyboy011 until she later renamed it to Wendy's Show. She also created a channel for Spanish-speaking viewers called "En familia con Wendy", which translates to "Family with Wendy".


Wendy joined YouTube on January 23, 2016 and uploaded her first video on July 15, 2016. Her first video was an ASMR and Burger King MUKBANG video. [1] She gained many subscribers and views on her videos throughout her time on YouTube. Wendy created videos with her eating very creative meals, as well as fast food and world cuisine, such as Asian. Her videos sometimes included ASMR, which was one of the main reasons why her channel was popular. Unfortunately, many users commented very harmful things such as taunting the issue of obesity and diabetes.

On April 1, 2017, Wendy sadly announced that she will be leaving YouTube due to all the rude hate comments she has received on her videos. [2]

On April 12, 2017, she returned to YouTube.