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Dude Where's My Challenge, also known as, Where's My Challenge or DWMC, is a challenge channel consisting of 4 people (Matt, Harry, Lewis and Paul). The group are from Southampton, England and started orignally with 2 members. 


Paul -

Paul Parker was one of the two members of DWMC back in 2010. He and a college friend Harry wanted to start a food challenge channel and they did. While gaining population they met Shawn. Their first video featured Paul trying to hold his breath underwater and he succeded. The video has gained 60,000+ views.

Harry -

Harry Ley was the other original members of DWMC when they first started. Harry filmed the first video.

Shawn -

Shawn unknown not a nice man. He lives with his mother and has a job at a book factory

Whoever wrote this.. needs a medal. Very funny. Shawn was an original member. Left the channel due to a disagreement.

Shaun -

Shawn unknown joined in 2012. He first appeared in The Salt and Ice Challenge.  In a recent Q&A, Paul said he wasn't a full time member and that he left personally.

Lewis -

Lewis Levy joined in 2013. Lewis and Harry met as football fans of the same club. Lewis went around to film videos but was soon featured. 

Matt -

Matt Lollins joined in 2013. Invited into the group after meeting with Paul and Harry several times before.