The Wikitubia Staff consists of four groups, Bureaucrats, Administrators, Moderators and Discord Mod.

  • Moderators oversee the Forum in order to remove any profanity or spam. They also have the ability to close threads, remove threads, and edit your posts. These abilities are also used on the message walls (talk pages).
  • Administrators oversee the day-to-day changes and regularly patrol the Recent Changes list.
    • Rollbackers are admins in training, which means they are given the rollback right in order to prevent vandalism. After a short period of time, it is decided whether or not they should become an administrator.
  • Bureaucrats have the same jobs and abilities as an administrator, however, they also have the ability to promote users to the bureaucrat and admin status.

Current Staff

Below is Wikitubia's complete Staff team.

Username Real Name Status
Kevin08015 Kevin Inactive
Monochromatic Bunny Ryan Active
Purzyckij John Active
Username Real Name Status
Aidan Dunphy Aidan Active
Celestial Demon Sarina Inactive
Gamermadness Brandon Inactive
HoneyCandiez Dani Inactive
JakCooperThePlumber Jak Active
HanselElGato Carlos Active
Username Real Name Status
Degrassi Fan Cameron Inactive
Mickey030210navercom         - Active
Wwefanboi - Active

Staff Information

Admin Roles

Administrators are trusted users who help the wiki in more ways than editing articles. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Settle disputes among editors
  • Restore neutrality to YouTuber articles
  • Regularly edit templates in order to keep them up-to-date
  • Combating vandals, trolls, and spambots
  • Remove profanity in the forum and message walls (talk pages)
  • Monitor Recent Changes list for possible vandalism
  • Ability to quickly identify if an edit/article does not meet Wikitubia's standards

Administrators also have extra abilities such as delete, undelete, block, unblock, protect, and more.

Becoming an Admin

  1. You must edit this Wiki almost daily, and all of your edits have to meet the Wikitubia’s quality standards. You will be given rollback/moderator rights if you are an outstanding contributor, and if you wish to, as well.
  2. You should not have a history of vandalism (on Wikitubia), which, in ,turn means that you should not have a block history (on Wikitubia).