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William B., better known as WillyB is a British YouTuber who mainly specialises in providing his subscribers daily freeroam videos. He currently has around 35,000 subscribers and his subscriber count continues to grow. His videos mainly consist of freeroaming open world games and a lot of jokes about potatoes and goats. His fans' favourite series is his original series "Watch_Dogs freeroam" which regularly gets great support and is now reaching its 100th episode. Other freeroam series' include Far Cry 4, Dying Light and Just Cause 2 but promises his fans many great new videos in the months to come when great sandbox games are being released such as Just Cause 3 and Assassins Creed Syndicate. He has lately started doing playthroughs videos on older games starting with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and sometimes does gameplay videos for popular first person shooter games such as betas for Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Battlefront and Black Ops 3.