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Wojti2000 is a mysterious, obscure teenage polish YouTuber that joined Youtube in 2013.


Wojti2000 joined YouTube in 2013, and due to poor quality of his video became universally panned by people and viewers. Soon Enough he started getting better, until he eventually reaching up to 1800 subscribers and a small fanbase.



Wojti2000's videos are usually game reviews, toy reviews aimed at younger viewers (but still containing some o his "harsh" humour), movie reviews, bad creepypasta readings and browsing funny websites or listings on Allegro (Polish Ebay counterpart). Many of his videos however are stangely bizzare and cryptic, composing o weird imagery and distorded sounds.

Wojti himself

Wojti is very annonymous, and uses a variety o special masks with his most common one being composed of a torque and a bandana. He seems to sufer from depression, and was bullied and cyberbullied in the past, mainly due to his fetishes and sociopathic behavior.

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