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Brian Zane (born January 10, 1985 (1985-01-10) [age 32]) known by his YouTube channel Wrestling With Wregret (Also stylized as ) is a YouTuber from Portland, Oregon known for his commentary videos on Wrestling related topics.


Zane created his channel and uploaded his first video on June 13, 2013. On his channel you will find commentary vlogs about his opinion on Pro-Wrestling topics as well as reviews and Interviews. Throughout the years, his videos were removed from the site, but he has since re-edited the videos (under Wrestling With Wregret UNBLOCKED) so they can be uploaded back on YouTube. The original videos can be seen on Daily Motion

Series on Channel

during his time on YouTube, Zane has made several different series on his channel.

Wrestling With Wregret

Wrestling With Wregret is Zane's signature show. This show is a variety show that covers different topic in the Pro-Wrestling Universe.

Kayfabe Kitchen

Kayfabe Kitchen is a cooking show Zane does. The recipes used is from the WWF cookbook from 2000. He makes and tastes the food and gives a rating on it.

Getting Into the Biz

Getting Into the Biz is the series where Zane takes his experience in wrestling and answeres questions and offers advise

Personal Life

Zane has been involved in professional wrestling on the independent level as both a wrestler and a manager since 2006. He was trained in wrestling in Portland, Oregon by "Playboy" Buddy Rose and Ed Wiksoski.


  • He has featured several Pro Wrestling stars in his videos, including WWE Superstar Brodus Clay, Jim Cornette and Brian Danovich.
  • Brian made an appearance in a few WWE What Culture videos

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