Wun Wun's first video was uploaded on June 2015—he began because, as remarked in his ' - Thank You for over 200k Subscribers' video, he couldn't find any skilled videos on YouTube.[1] Thanks to the subreddit /r/agario, Wun Wun accumulated around a hundred or so views on his videos.[1] On the urge of giving up, Wun Wun uploaded his Team Turnaround video, which received a relatively unprecedented large amount of views and was the 'foundation for everything to come', in his own words.[1] This video remained nonpareil in terms of video views until the upload of 'Last Man Standing', which received 1.2 million views in a single day.[1]

Their first videos were recorded in 1080p and had added music in the video; as their channel grew, Wun Wun's quality had an increase, with captions and an evident increase in editing. Wun Wun's name is derived from the Game of Thrones character, which he stated was the first thing that came into his head when thinking of a username.[1]


We haven't heard anything more from Wun Wun for over a year already. Some people say that he had a car accident and died but that's not true. Wun Wun actually says on multiple occasions in his videos that his studies take up a lot of his time.

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