XenkailX is a Malaysian YouTuber. He is mostly famous for his Overwatch comic dubs and live streaming Overwatch gameplays. He is also famous for his persona gimmick being kidnap as a slave to Muffin and oblivious knowledge of his real biological parents, Mercy and Pharah.


XenkailX is famous for his cringe and funny voice acting in his comic dubs. He mostly does Overwatch fan comics and also did one time on Fire Emblem fan comic. Unlike other comic dubbers, he voice out almost every single Overwatch and Fire Emblem characters including the female characters without any third party help. He sometimes add extra story element that is not part of the fan comic like an extra line, scenes or crossovers with Fire Emblem Fates characters. Most of his comic dubs has a recurring gags like Mercy obsession of her kidnap real son, Pharah and Ana sending people to space and Roadhog wants to be Corrins waifu.