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XerainGaming is a YouTube gaming channel based in the United Kingdom that was created on September 22, 2011, by Danny Allen and Andre Stringer. It mainly starred Minecraft gaming videos, the first being "Minecraft - Part 1: Making Our Home". Their first non-Minecraft video came out on November 22, 2011, and was titled "A XerainGaming Message - How we film our videos & upcoming plans". Their first non-minecraft gaming video was "Portal 2 Custom Map 'Gelocity': "OOOOOOH!".Their channel was doing relatively well and became more known when they played a map called "Wrecked-the stranded" on February 7, 2012 which then turned into their own personal role-play story which includes a prequel and a sequel.They currently have 170,000+ subscribers, more than 70 million video views, and have released 1200+ videos.