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Before YouTube, Xisuma, known for drinking tea, made music for a career. Known early on in his Minecraft career as the "passive mob guy".

The only thing we know about his appearance is that he has a beard. This he said on a livestream in may 2017. Other than that, he is very secretive about his personal life.



Xisuma was part of the first group ever to join the HermitCraft server, started by Generikb, and has always been on the server since.

Do You Know Minecraft?

A fun facts or less-known information about Minecraft.

Minecraft Myth Busting

Where he tests how the game works by proving or disproving myths in the community.

Ended Series


HermitPack was a 1.10.2 modded Minecraft server (and an official mudpack, which can be found on Curse) open to the players on HermitCraft.


Foolcraft was another 1.10.2 modded Minecraft server, and official modpack made by Iskall85, which was open to several of the Hermits, and a few of their mutual friends. All of the current Foolcraft players are active on HermitCraft, and while Xisuma doesn't play there anymore, a few of the other Hermits still do.


  • "Oh my days!"
  • "I'm such a derp"
  • "Oh my goodness, me!"
  • "Panicking like Anakin"