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Xophilarus is a personw ho loves making AMV's.  He generally tends to go by Xophilarus or Xophi for short, but you can call him whatever.  He welcomes criticism, insults, and trolls.  He enjoys talking to people so feel free to message him.  The easiest way to contact him is through Skype:  Xophilarus, but if you add him on skype, just let him know where you came from.  

Studio & Buddies

  1. PixelBlended Studios
  2. Shin AMV's
  3. irriadin
  4. Vivifx
  5. WarlikeSwans
  6. Kireblue


AMV Stuff


2012 AMV'S
  1. AMV Nostalgic Memories
  2. Tears of an Alchemist
  3. Alturistic Soul [AMV]
2013 AMV'S
  1. Fidelity AMV (Best Drama and Editor's Choice - Anime Boston 2013)
  2. Vehemence - Quickening R1 AMV
  3. Expiration Date (Quickening R2 AMV)
  4. Crescent Charm AMV
  5. Twilight Shroud (OLD 2013 Unfinished Madoka AMV)
2014 AMV'S
  1. Force of Will Penguindrum AMV (6th Souls Team IC 10 Romance/Sentimental)
  2. Surging Tides AMV
  3. Lunar Rush - AMV
  4. Armstrong's Fragrance of Masculinity (Commercial Parody)
  5. Final Spark - Fate/Zero AMV - Collab With ShinAMV
  6. Warriors MEP
  7. Angst With a Side of Noms (Secret Santa for Damnkazu
  8. Obscure Temptation - Princess Tutu AMV
2015 AMV'S
  1. Soulflare - Sakura Trick Yuri AMV
  2. Giggles n Jiggles - AMV - Collab with GunthereAMV's and ShinAMV
  3. Aria of Perservance - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso AMV - Anime North 20e13 Judge Choice
  4. Side Effects of AMV's May Include.....(Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Commerical Parody)
  5. (2HR Edit) AMV Arena Momocon 2015 (Winner)
  6. A Grim Semb lence (Shinsekai Yori AMV
  7. A Grim Semblance (Shinsekai Yori AMV)
  8. MM! Yeah! (MM! AMV)
  9. En visage (Penguindrum/Yuri Kuma AMV)
  10. Yurilly Big Mess (Yuru Yuri AMV)
  11. Disjointewd Unity (Kaichou wa Maid-sama! AMV)
  12. Crimson Pact (Shiki AMV)
  13. Parallel Convergence - Hoourou Musuko AMV - Best Storytelling & Sentimental AWA Pro 2015
  14. Prismatic Barrier - Hibike! Euphonium AMV - AWA Pro 2015
  15. Unleash the Contract (Madoka AMV)
  16. Reclaim (Attack on Titan AMV)
  17. Children of the Grave (Gakkugrashi!  Halloween AMV)
  18. Brains are nice (Short AMV)
  19. Feel the Flame (Ore Monogatari!! AMV)

Animations Used in AMV's

Anime Used in AMV's
  1. Kimi ni Todoke
  2. Hibike! Euphonium
  3. Yuru Yuri
  4. Penguindrum
  5. Yuri Kuma Arashi
  6. MM!!
  7. Sakura Trick
  8. Hourou Musuko
  9. Wolf Children
  10. Black Lagoon
  11. Steins;Gate
  12. Spice and Wolf
  13. Madoka Magica
  14. Dusk Maiden Amnesia
  15. Full Metal Alchemist
  16. Fullmetal Alchemist:  Brotherhood
  17. C3 Bu Stella Woman's Academy
  18. Kill la Kill
  19. Kara no Kyoukai
  20. Attack on Titan
  21. Fate/Zero
  22. Pokemon
  23. Slayers
  24. No Game No Life
  25. Free!  
  26. Princess Tutu
  27. Akame ga Kill
  28. Persona 4
  29. Sakura Trick
  30. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  31. Watamote
  32. Nisekoi
  33. Highschool DxD
  34. Mikagura School Suite
  35. Parasyte
  36. Dragonball Z
  37. Yamada's First Time
  38. Code Geass
  39. Powerpuff Girls Z
  40. Gatchaman Crowds
  41. Samurai Flemenco
  42. Tiger & Bunny
  43. Shinsekai Yori
  44. MM!!
  45. Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  46. Shiki
  47. Gakkougrashi
  48. Ore Monogatari!!
  49. Toradora!
American Animations Used in AMV's
  1. Big Hero 6
Video Game Animations Used in AMV's
  1. Overwatch

Other Videos


  1. The Importance of Ken Burns(Adobe Premiere AMV Editing Tutorial)
  2. How to Properly do Fade to Blacks and Whites(Adobe Premiere AMV Editing Tutorial)

Xophi Talks

  1. Potential Q&A/Tutorials/General Stuff
  2. Q&A+Channel Plans
  3. AMV/Channel Updates!
  4. Taking Tutorial Suggestions & Requests


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