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Xsquad Kc is a relatively new YouTuber who predominately makes gaming videos. Xsquad Kc is the founder and main member of the Xsquad YouTube group. Xsquad Kc has about 630 Subscribers. Kc is a member of the Smosh Games Alliance.


Xsquad Kc has been on YouTube since August 8 2014, but he didn't upload his first video until April 9 2015, his birthday. For Kc's first video, he didn't have time to record any gameplay so he uploaded a minecraft fails video, which was a compilatiton of videos he had filmed years earlier when he thought his channel would be called "kcman", a username he used to use often in games.

The Xsquad group has 15 (known) members, only 8 of which have made channels, and only 4 of those channels use the title Xsquad. The members are:

  • Xsquad Kc
  • Xsquad Pena
  • Xsquad Tyler
  • Xsquad Sparkie
  • RKLman
  • Mental note

The Xsquad also has a channel titled Xsquad Entertainment, which has 2 unedited videos made in a hurry by Kc. Xsquad Entertainment is a channel for fun videos from any Xsquad member, however Xsquad Kc is the only one with the password. 

Kc is currently making a YouTube time capsule, a video he will set to release on his birthday in the year 2020. The last time this capsule was talked about, Kc said he had not made the video yet. He has however made a 'The Making Of' video for it.

By the 1 year aniversary of Kc's channel, it was aproaching 1000 subscibers, but in a period of bussiness Kc was inactive and by the time he checked in on his channel, it had less than 600 subscribers. This was due to YouTube's removal of many accounts.

In mid 2016, Kc began the endeavour to create his own country, exclusively for his close friends and famous YouTubers, everyone else would have to pay a large sum to get it. This country was 'created' and named "New Cabbo", which Kc rules under the possibly alias name "Xavier Newman".

Games Played

  • Minecraft (Main)
  • Pokémon Red
  • Card Hunter
  • SUPERHOTline Miami
  • Shootout Inc.
  • ClusterTruck

Current Series

Random Games:

  • Pokémon Red

Vanilla Minecraft:

  • Island Survival
  • Skyblock
  • Pillage a Village

Modded/Multiplayer Minecraft:

  • Factions
  • Mod Add
  • Hack Shoppe

On-Hold Series

  • Card Hunter
  • Game Dev Tycoon

Completed Series


  • Tetra Z
  • Forgotten Temple
  • Questworld: Shipwrecked
  • ShrinkCraft

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