YEAHMAP is a English gaming YouTuber from Germany. He makes mainly random and funny moments in several video games.


YEAHMAP is making random and funny moments in video games. He is known for his editing skills and his sense of humor.


YEAHMAP's content is mostly funny edited. He is using different sound effects to intensify what is happening on screen. Due to his editing skills, he can entertain people with ease because he is able to turn a lame scene to something funny.


YEAHMAP first gained popularity with his "The Crew Funny Moment" videos. When he started making "GTA V" content he got even more attention.

He took part in an Rockstar Games Editor Contest which he won. After that, his channel started to gain massive attention.

His content is gaining so much popularity that even bigger channels feature him.


YEAHMAP loves his fans. He is responding to almost every single comment and is hosting weekly Twitch streams where his fans can play with him and ask him questions. 

Friendships through YouTube

YEAHMAP is proud that he could even make friend because of his channel. He met his best YT-Buddy "Zeden" because of his The Crew videos. Zeden just wanted to play with him and by now, he even has his own channel with 1000+ Subscribers. He occurs in a lot of YEAHMAP's videos. He met other people that he can call "friends" now. For example: Brox, GrieferGamer, willi_mine, Veyron and others.