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YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon is the main channel for the Yogscast, and is run by Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley, both founders of the YouTube gaming group, the Yogscast. The English duo began on YouTube with World of Warcraft videos, and shot to fame with their acclaimed Minecraft series, which began as a simple 'tutorial' series, and evolved into the immensely popular Shadow of Israphel saga, a partly scripted adventure of two heroes. Though much of their success arises from their Minecraft gameplay, they focus content as a variety gaming commentary channel, featuring gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V, Garry's Mod and board games. Their channel has over 7 million subscribers and 3.4 billion views.

The Yogscast Family

While two people - Lewis and Simon – are at the head of the Yogscast and the ones who make and upload videos to the channel YOGSCAST Lewis and Simon (Originally BlueXephos), there are many others that also upload videos to their Yogscast-branded YouTube channels. (You can click on the channel name to visit their channel or their real names to visit their pages on the Yogscast Wiki.

Other members of the Yogscast Network are;

6 Yogscast channels have passed a million subscribers, they belong to Simon & Lewis, Duncan, Hannah, Sjin, Sips, and Martyn, with Lewis and Simon's channel peaking at over 7 millions currently.

There is also a collection of staff who work exclusively behind-the-scenes, maintaining the website, editing videos, producing art – such as thumbnails and avatars – and music. This team includes:

Shadow of Israphel

The original Minecraft saga started from their Minecraft Let's Play, which led to Survival Island, where Simon and Lewis were left stranded on a remote island. On the last episode of Survival Island, the duo were rescued by their allies and set off home, however their airship crashed and found themselves in the middle of an epic quest to save the world.

It originally began as Minecraft tutorials, which led into a cinematic series. At first, the videos were simple Let's plays but the series soon became The Yogscast's more popular and demanded series.

Shadow of israphel poster

A fan made Shadow of Israphel poster

They found a hollowed out area and established their home there. They named it; the Yogcave. They set up a mining outpost and found dungeons, ore and monsters. They went back to their routine of building their base but on episode 22, they came across a queer, old man called 'Old_Peculier', who required heroes to help him rescue the blacksmith 'Daisy Duke' from an evil force only known as 'Israphel', here is where Season One ceases and Season Two: Survival Island begins.

With no explanation (other than real-life issues with the game) the heroes found themselves stranded on a desert island and were forced to forage and mine to survive once more. On the last episode, they re-encountered Peculiar and a new character; Skylord Lysander and boarded Lysander's Airship. And so, the four fearsome fighters embarked on Season Three: Shadow of Israphel.

Lysander's Airship crashed into Xephos and Honeydew's Yogcave. Peculiar blamed Israphel for that and they quickly set off to stop Israphel's evil plots and rescue Daisy. A lot has happened since, though I will not spoil it, go and watch yourself.

Shadow of Israphel ended rather abruptly with little explanation from the Yogscast, although many believe it is due to their save files being corrupted. On the Yogscast website they claim it will continue, they have stated in interviews and Q and A sessions that they likely won't do any more Shadow of Israphel content like it was before.


Simon and Lewis later started a Minecraft series using the popular mod-pack called Tekkit. The series began with Simon, Lewis and Duncan with the ambitious task of building a Jaffa Cake factory. The boys ran into trouble as they encountered rival company; Sipsco (consisting of Sips and Sjin) who strived to provide high-quality – and by no means affordable – dirt to the world. With the success of Tekkit, many of the other members got involved, with Rythian and Zoey vowing revenge on Sjin and Duncan for the prior destruction of their homes, Nilesy; a pioneer in the field of 'best and greatest pools and pool accessories, Martyn and his friend Toby whose adventures in the woods were short-lived, Strippin and Benji (The Rail Bros), self-proclaimed 'masters of the minecart', Hannah and her owl sanctuary and later Panda; who simply wished to create a bamboo distribution business. The majority of The Yogscast were involved in the Tekkit server, each producing separate series on their respective channels, however; with an explosive finale to Season Two of Rythian's epic Tekkit Saga, the server encountered some large changes.

After exhausting content in the Tekkit modpack, Lewis and co. acquired a new, personalised modpack as part of the FeedTheBeast launcher called "YogCraft". Honeydew Inc.'s Tekkit series (now rebranded as "Jaffa Factory" finally build the ambitious build and moved onto a focused on bee-breeding, which proved not too popular. Rythian and Zoey's "Blackrock Saga" continued with the presence of 'new magic' and Sjin departed from Sips to found a farm in order to "Feed The World". Kim arrived on the scene and trained as apprentice to various members of the team, as she had had no prior knowledge of how to play Minecraft.

Minecraft Custom Maps and Mod Reviews

The Yogscast has uploaded many playthroughs of various Custom Adventure maps for Minecraft. Some include Survival Island, Planetoids, Deep Space Turtle Chase, Super Hostile Canopy Carnage, Professor Griswold, Rise of the Rebellion, Gloria, Paladin's Quest, The Lost Potato and the Herobrine Saga.

And they also have done many mod spotlights for Minecraft, covering mods such as 2D Minecraft, Ugocraft, Little blocks, the TV mod, More' explosives, Helicopters, Industrialcraft, Buildcraft, Equivalent Exchange, Tornadoes, Aether, Millenaire, Planes, Mo'creatures, and More. They even have made their own Modpack called the Yogbox and a FTB modpack called YogCraft.


Another series of mod reviews was started on October 19, 2012, in which Simon and Lewis started a secret organization, the Yoglabs, where they experiment with various Minecraft mods in a high-tech underground bunker lab, while plotting to take over the world. 

This series contains many small details that help bridge the gap left by the end of Jaffa Factory and Shadow of Israphel on the main channel, and contains many subplots, such as the potential takeover by the government. Most of the videos are small adventures set to focus on the mod, with much of the remainder of each episodes additions to the plot being done during the recording.

Other Games

Besides Minecraft, The Yogscast uploads videos of many other games, such as: World of Warcraft, Fallout, Magicka, Rift, Final Fantasy XIV. Portal 2, Dead Island, Saints Row the Third, Left 4 Dead 2, Guild Wars, Hearthstone, and Diablo as well as many lesser known Simulators and Indie/Dev Games such as Farming Simulator, Surgeon Simulator and Another Perspective.

Watchmojo's "Top X" Series

Top 10 Let's Play YouTube Channels

Simon & Lewis didn't rank in this episode, but did receive a honorable mention.

Another Top 10 YouTube Let's Play Channels

Simon & Lewis was ranked 2nd on the list.