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YaCrazyChannel (formally known as HilzXadamXandXstuff), is a YouTube channel created by a British pair of brother and sister, Adam and Hilz. They are most known for their Final Fantasy X The Abridged series.


The channel was formed in 2009 and ran up until mid 2010 where it was terminated Via uploads on Hilzs' channel of the cartoon Robot Chicken.

On the 16th of November 2010 Nisinator (Adam) and Hilz (Hilzabeeee) announced that they were going to start reuploading FFXTAS on thier new channel YaCrazyChannel. They also announced that the new series of FFXTAS would be remastered and remade with higher quality voices and video. On the same day episode 1 of FFXTAS was released to the viewing public.


Tidus (voiced by Adam) has his home city of Zanarkand attacked by Sin.After nearly falling to his death he meets up with Auron (also voiced by Adam) who teached him the basics of combat (as well as showing him his "button pressing attack"). Tidus meets up with an Aeon (voiced by Hilz) who proceeds to freeze time and "do the timewarp". After battling through waves of Sinscales Auron has a plan to blow up Zanarkand.Tidus follows Aurons orders and is then pulled in to Sins "craphole"

Later in an unknown place Tidus encounters Geosgaeno the result of following the Red Arrow because the Red Arrow knows all. After a short battle Tidus swims away into a underwater passage. Later on after making Fire he encounters Spiderman. A few rounds of battle later Rikku (voiced by Hilz) a Al Bhed girl appears.and knocks out Tidus with a blow to the Abdomen and takes Tidus to the Salvage Ship

Once Tidus regains Consciouness he is greeted by Brother (voiced by Adam) who has a odd Fetish for keeping things short and sweet. Brother then tells Tidus to follow Rikku and investigate the odd ruins beneath the Sea. Tidus And Rikku however first played a game of Pacman. A short swim later and after bashing "Priceless Antiques" they finally restore power to the "CENSORED". Shortly after returning to the Ship Rikku brings Tidus some Food which Tidus quickly chokes upon. Seeing that Tidus is in trouble Rikku hands him a Flask of Whisky. The Whisky burns Tidus's Throat causing him to kick the "Self-Destruct Button". The Explosion of the Ship causes Tidus to fall into the Water

Meanwhile in Besaid Lulu (voiced by Hilz) senses that somthing doesn't feel quite right and that her "main character" senses are tingling. By senses she means her Breasts