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Yoshti Xiang, or Yoshti (real name Yong Yussuf) is a Slovak vlogger and parody maker.

First he started in 2008 with his friends Yuki & Miyuki. They made "YMY-Dabing Studio", some spoofs in Slovak language. He was making text to the songs, his famous text was "Lax" (Hnačka) . Later his friends didn't have time for this, or any ideas for new videos, so he made own way of spoofs. In 2009 he had channel yoshti1011 - parodies (remake) videos of songs (original songs). Then he made next channel YoshtiVEVO , which was for parodies with his own "covers" - 2NE1 , Lady GaGa, Britney Spears.

After that he made again new channel called YoshtiKwon and that's channel with YouTube partnership and with the newest parodies of songs! POP & KPOP and slovak vlogs.

His music video "Bestovné Kamošky" is success. It was made with Jan Zelenka.


Yoshti is 18 years old YouTuber living in Levice, Slovakia (borned in Bratislava, Slovakia). He visits technical high school. His favourite things are handbags and shopping.

He can speak English, German, Chinese, Slovak.

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