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Brian J. Rickard (December 17, 1982 – October 23, 2013, [aged 30]) known on YouTube as Yoteslaya was a popular YouTube gamer with over 850,000 subscribers. He unfortunately passed away due to a crash. He made other videos but his fanbase was garnered by his Black Ops 2 and Borderlands 2 videos.


Yoteslaya’s Death was an event that took place on Wednesday, October 23 at around 2 A.M. when Brian Rickard (Yoteslaya) was killed in an attempt to outrun a train in Vigo County, Indiana, Along with Ryan Cook and Ashlee Pugh.


Before his name was even announced, fans of his works had already begun to send their condolences over social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Short videos were posted in memory of Yoteslaya.

Legacy and Gearbox

After his death, many people went to the Gearbox forums and Support to request he be added to the game. Petitions have been created and Gearbox has responded to these messages. Stating : “Very saddened to hear of Yoteslaya, Ryan and Ashlee passing away.

Threads, comments and requests like these help reinforce just how appreciated Yoteslaya was and how much he will be missed

The many requests for action have been heard, but my thoughts are first and foremost with the many friends and families of all those affected by this tragic accident and I ask that you please join me in respecting their privacy and wishes during this extremely difficult time.

GUESS WHAT? Matthew & Dawson have a surprise!!!01:11

GUESS WHAT? Matthew & Dawson have a surprise!!!

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