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Cristina Rad, cybername ZOMGitsCriss (pronounced "Zoh My God, it's Criss!"), is a Romanian atheist vlogger and blogger. She joined YouTube on 20 September 2008 and Freethought Blogs on 22 June 2012. She has made over 95 videos with the reward of  over 97,087 subscribers.


Her videos mainly consist of discussions of atheism and critiques of creationism, notably in her video series "How to Be a Good Creationist". She criticizes religion (particularly Christianity and Islam) and religious fundamentalists.

Rad gained a degree of attention for her response to Ray Comfort's version of Darwin's Origin of Species. On 19 September 2009, Rad posted a video on YouTube titled "Origin of Stupidity". Fellow YouTube user Thunderf00t posted a clip of Comfort briefly mentioning Rad's video.


She enjoys painting, in particular space and the universe and has sold many of her paintings at online auctions.