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Zach Sherwin (born July 1, 1980 (1980-07-01) [age 37]) is a professional rapper who independently releases his music videos on YouTube. He used to upload music videos as MC Mr. Napkins but switched YouTube accounts after retiring his stage name.

Any fan of Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD's Epic Rap Battles of History has more than likely seen Zach's performances, as he has been a featured guest rapper on the series more than anyone else. Zach's characters on ERB so far are Albert Einstein, Doc Brown, Sherlock Holmes, Ebenezer Scrooge, Stephen King, Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters, Voltaire, Walt Disney, Alexander the Great, and Wayne Gretzky.

Other than his singles released on iTunes, Zach currently has one full length album called "The Album" on Comedy Central Records, when he was known as MC Mr. Napkins.

Videos and Style

The beats and instrumentals in Zach music are mostly inspired by the style of hip-hop's golden era from the early to mid 90s. His lyrical style is very insightful, precisely worded, experimental, often using extreme and carefully placed forms of word play. Examples: In the song "No E" featuring Watsky, NONE of the words used in the entire song contain the letter E, as the title suggests. In the song Pro/Con, Zach tells a story about himself while mainly using words that either start with the words Pro or Con. In the song "F-Bombs", Zach's lyrics are mostly composed of words that begin with "eff" or "eph." In the second half of the song, the lyrics are exactly the same as the first half, but this time all of the "eff"s are replaced with F-bombs. For example, words like Inefficient, Ephemeral, Effrontery, Effective, Zac Efron, and F, become inFU'Kicient, FU'Kemeral, FU'Krontery, Zac FU'Kron, and FU'K in the second half of the song. Zach's personality, lyrical content, and appearance is different from what many people generalize the rap scene to look and sound like. Instead of wearing gangsta type clothing, he wears normal shirts and jeans and keeps himself well groomed and wears black framed glasses. Zach never raps about money, cars, women, or popping caps in people's nether regions, unless it's in a satirical or mocking fashion. Most of his lyrical topics are about random things that you wouldn't think could be turned into a whole song, but Zach does it. He has rapped about plush pigs, smoothies, geography trivia, bees, and an airplane pilot that safely avoided a crash landing after geese flew into the engine. Most of his non-video songs (like Smoothies) from his album "The Album" are not on Youtube, but can be listened to on Spotify ( and are available to buy on iTunes and Amazon. If a dictionary could rap, it's name would be Zach Sherwin.

Zach Sherwin - "Goose MCs" (5th Anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson)03:01

Zach Sherwin - "Goose MCs" (5th Anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson)

Krav Maga02:38

Krav Maga

Legato Gelato03:36

Legato Gelato

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