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ZaffaroTV or "ZaffTV" is a gaming channel on Youtube. The channel mainly consists of various Minecraft videos.


The channel started in February 2010. A little while after creating the channel, Zaffaro uploaded some BF:Heroes videos. The channel was left inactive for a while before Minecraft videos started in 2011. These videos grew in popularity towards the end of 2011. In March 11 of 2012, ZaffTV passed 1000 subscribers, and then 2000 by August 2012. Yet another time period of inacitivy passed until February 2013 when more advanced Minecraft videos were uploaded. In August ZaffTV got partnered with the TGN for the rest of the year. A one year partnership with VISO followed after March 2013. Since March 2014, ZaffTV has been happily partnered under the Curse Network: Union for Gamers and passed 5000 subscribers in July 2014.


  • The channel uploads at rather irregular intervals ranging from a week to several months.