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Zajcu37 is a popular FNAF/SFM YouTuber from Poland. He is currently 19 years old. His animation is rather fair compared to some other animations, but the intresting plots he is making in each video makes him popular. He still makes animations today this very day. Zajcu, aside from his general plot-filled animations, is also quite well known for how he ships the animatronics together in his series, something that is loved by some but is also mostly a controversial aspect of his videos. Usually, his animations are featured on the channel Typhoon Cinema. His YouTube channel currently has 1.2 million subscribers and 230 million video views.

When Zajcu hit 500,000 subscribers, he revealed his face at the end of the video. He was not proud of his English after he revealed it. 

Zajcu and his content are known to be disliked by other SFM Five Nights at Freddy's YouTubers, Dr-Dash and MrRAWEEE. This has been shown in many of Dr-Dash's videos.



The plot of the series revolves around the animatronic characters from the FNAF games in their struggle to find and maintain relationships with one another, rediscovering long-buried secrets along the way and facing their consequences. The first three seasons progress much like the canonical order of the games; Season 1 takes place in the third rendition of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (by the series' timeline, and the first game's location), Season 2 takes place in the second version of the pizzeria (the second game's location), Season 3 mostly takes place in the Fazbear's Fright attraction, and Season 4 takes place in the first pizzeria (exclusive to the series and non-existent in the games) before moving on to the world at large.


In Season 1, many of the initial episodes involved did not have much to do with the plot that eventually came later on in the series. The first few videos, for example, were more like an aimless comedy, with one such episode focusing on Chica being angry about her missing pizza. It wasn't until closer towards the end of the season that a plot started being implemented into the series; the main three focuses of this were the two relationship developments of Bonnie and Chica and Foxy and Mangle, and Freddy having a nightmare of Springtrap attacking the pizzeria in the near-future. It was after the aforementioned nightmare that this season ended and the next one began, going back several years to explore the backstory of the Toy animatronics' presence in the second pizzeria, as well as Springtrap's origins in that same location.

Story wise, the most important episodes in this season are the three "New Night Guard" episodes, "Assistant", and "Bad Dream".

This season is the series' most viewed, with over 89 million views total.


Season 2 focuses on Golden Freddy's war against the Puppet, the former seeking revenge for himself and his old friend Spring Bonnie while the latter tries to stop him from destroying the other animatronics' ordinary lives.

With over 72 million views total, while this season doesn't have as many views as the first, it can be argued that it's the most popular based on each of its episodes being watched more times than those of Season 1, whose most viewed episodes were "Bad Balloon Boy" (over 10 million views) and the final two parts of "New Night Guard" (over 16 and 26 million respectively).


At the second Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria some years before the events of Season 1, the original four animatronic characters power down for the night after concluding another day of performances. Golden Freddy then makes a sudden appearance and sabotages them for a then-unknown motive during closing hours when no one is watching them, causing them to malfunction and be unable to perform any longer. The old animatronics are replaced afterward by their much glossier-looking counterparts, and the former set is thrown into the Parts & Service room of the pizzeria, having been stripped of some of their parts for the creation of new ones.

It is thanks to the mysterious presence of the Puppet that the new set of performers are given life also for a then-unknown motive much like Golden Freddy's attack on the old characters, and with their waking comes them making acquaintances with one another and coming to understand the home that they are in.


Upon finding out what the Puppet had done later on, Golden Freddy confronts the Puppet and claims that with the old animatronics, he'll destroy the newer ones so he and his "old friend" can take places on the Show Stage once more. When the Puppet insists otherwise, Golden Freddy lashes out at the former but ends up being overpowered by the Puppet in his own weakened state (which is later elaborated on), despite the supernatural abilities he himself possessed. Afterwards, Golden Freddy threatens to kill them all and disappears.

Falling back to the Parts & Service room, he uses his powers to revive the dismantled old characters, and shortly afterward commands them to go and destroy the Puppet's creations.

After the Toy animatronics are lured out following the subduing of the night shift security guard present in the Office at the hands of the old ones, the two sides have an standoff with one another and are prepared for a battle. This comes with the exception of Foxy and Mangle, who instantly take notice of one another and develop a mutual crush. Fortunately for the two of them, before a fight can break out between both sides, the Puppet intervenes and forces all of them to fall back to their respective residences within the pizzeria, lamenting aloud how none of them understand what's really happening.


After Freddy is tortured by Golden Freddy for his failure to carry out a successful strike against the opposing side, Foxy is given further reason to believe that he is on the wrong side of the fight and storms off in a fit of anger, expressing a desire from afar to be able to join with the Puppet. Having been spotted observing Foxy while he had gone out to try and attack the night guard, Golden Freddy goes to order the also-present Chica to go and dispose of Mangle. Confronting her in the women's restroom to do exactly that, Chica manages to badly injure her, but attracts the attention of Foxy while doing so and becomes unable to finish Mangle off because of his interference. Foxy then rebels against Golden Freddy, attacking Chica and joining with the Puppet so he can be with Mangle.


Knowing of this occurrence, Golden Freddy cuts Foxy off and forbids his return when he attempts to go back to the Parts & Service room, breaking his jaw and knocking him unconscious. This draws the attention of Bonnie, who goes to go check up on his friend, and is then accused of having been the one to hurt Foxy when Mangle stumbles upon the two. In her misguidance, she attacks Bonnie and engages in a brief fight with him, only for them to be split apart by Foxy when he wakes back up. Mangle relents when he non-verbally informs her that Bonnie was not responsible for his injury, and the two old characters regretfully part ways with one another soon afterward. Regardless of this setback, Golden Freddy doesn't give up and continues to plot against the Puppet while Foxy is over on the other side.

["TRAP" - PARTS 1 AND 2]

Bonnie, shown in the next episode (which introduced subtitled but non-speaking dialogue to make things more coherent, after previous episodes had no voices and optional closed captioning) to have been remorseful for his hostility up until this point, later attempts to explain to Freddy and Chica why Foxy had left them, only to be cut off by an unexpectedly appearing Golden Freddy who leaves briefly after checking up on the crew.

Going to the men's restroom after his departure, Golden Freddy meets up with the Phantom form of Spring Bonnie (who he had been spotted conversing with by Freddy in the previous episode) and discusses the continuation of their "plan" in spite of Foxy's absence, revealing that he was aware of Bonnie's inner conflict and was contemplating what to do about the potential problem that could arise from it. Spring Bonnie suggests that he take complete control of Bonnie and use him to pick off the Puppet's crew one by one, claiming that Golden Freddy would be the only one capable of releasing him from the trance and thereby make Bonnie unable to be reasoned with. Spring Bonnie then disappears and leaves Golden Freddy to his work.

While Foxy goes to consult the Puppet about his broken jaw with most of the other Toy animatronics using their time in a leisurely manner, Toy Chica decides to confront the night guard on her own and leaves herself vulnerable to Bonnie, who is now under Golden Freddy's control and has been sent to take her out. Golden Freddy does most of the work and incapacitates Toy Chica while she attempts to make it to the Office via the vents, but orders Bonnie to finish the job and destroy her. Soon, Springtrap's earlier claim is disproved and Bonnie refrains from killing Toy Chica, instead turning on Golden Freddy and knocking him away from Toy Chica when he realizes what he's doing.

Urging her to run away to avoid further harm, Bonnie ends up in a scuffle with Golden Freddy when he gets back up and is beaten in the fight due to his missing left arm. Unwilling to leave Bonnie behind, Toy Chica ends up returning to come to Bonnie's defense in the party room where the fight is happening while Golden Freddy attempts to figure out how Bonnie managed to regain control of himself. He is then taken by surprise by Toy Chica and once again subdued, forced to retreat under the unfavorable circumstances. Feeling sympathy for his situation, Toy Chica tries to convince Bonnie to join up with the Puppet to no eventual avail, the latter being implied to be afraid of what Golden Freddy would do if he were to switch sides. Returning to the Toy animatronics' residence in the main area of the pizzeria, Toy Chica meets with Foxy and notes his fixed jaw, withholding the details of the "sounds from the corridor" that he heard and asked her about when she returned.

Now increasingly frustrated with his failures, Golden Freddy doesn't take long to make another comeback and follows Spring Bonnie's advice (after having a short encounter with him following the fight with Bonnie), cornering Toy Chica once more and trying to finish her off himself. Hearing the commotion and rushing to the scene, Bonnie manages to get between Golden Freddy and Toy Chica just as the former is going to kill her, becoming further damaged in the process and being bodily separated from his waist down. Once more, Golden Freddy is forced to retreat, and the Puppet comes by to check up on the area only to encounter Spring Bonnie. The two of them are shown to be conversing after an apparent past encounter in which the Puppet mentions how Spring Bonnie is still searching for revenge even after being turned into a phantom by having his endoskeleton removed, leaving the two to part ways after Spring Bonnie declares that he will soon be tangible again in order to attain vengeance on his own.

Left alone once again, the Puppet enlists the aid of Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Foxy to provide medical attention to the severely-wounded Bonnie, requesting that Toy Chica let them work in peace so that she doesn't have to worry herself over Bonnie's condition in the meantime. When the group's work is finished, the Puppet allows Toy Chica to see a now repaired (not fully, as his arm and face are still missing) but unconscious Bonnie, who thanks him and expresses her wish for him to wake up soon.

This is where the origins of Toy Chica's later relationship with Bonnie can be seen.

This event also left Golden Freddy to only have Chica and Freddy on his side afterwards.

["TRAP" - PART 3]

Not wanting Toy Chica to continue wallowing in despair after finding out from Toy Bonnie that she was still by Bonnie's side while he was in a coma, Foxy ends up going to her, where he explains that the Toy animatronics couldn't fully repair him because they lacked the parts to do so after she asks why they were unable to in the first place. He then invites her to come watch him and Balloon Boy eliminate the night guard to get her spirits up.

Accepting the invitation and going to watch the two do the job, Toy Chica isn't able to watch for long before suddenly being kidnapped by Chica (who is later shown to have been taken over completely by Golden Freddy), who expresses inherent anger towards her new counterpart for stealing her place on the Show Stage, and forces them to engage in a brutal battle. After Bonnie wakes up from his coma, he warns Foxy- who also rallies the assistance of Toy Bonnie- about the danger Toy Chica is in after telling him that he had a dream about this very moment and they go to help her, allowing her to sneak in a decisive blow against Chica while she is distracted by the others. Taken to the Puppet after the fight is finally finished, Chica is freed from Golden Freddy's control and joins with the other side after showing her gratitude for being liberated.


Freddy- the only one left siding with Golden Freddy (though showing an implication that he too is conflicted about his standing in the war between the two sides), is soon ordered to go and check up on the Puppet's crew, but it doesn't take long for him to be distracted by his task when he comes upon visions of the future while venturing through the pizzeria. Led by a mysterious voice after passing out from his distress and entering a dream state, Freddy is shown images of discerning events that would eventually come to pass, continuing to be led along until he finally arrives at the Office and meets with Shadow Freddy. Explaining that he was chosen to be the one to be warned about forthcoming times of conflict, Shadow Freddy reveals to Freddy the truth of how he and the others had been put out of service (after being led to believe that the Puppet carried out the sabotage), and seemingly concludes the war by being the last one to finally join up with the other side after he wakes up.

Spring Bonnie comes to Golden Freddy in the Parts & Service room while everyone else celebrates the apparent victory (with the Puppet warning Toy Bonnie that the dispute was in fact not over yet), enraged at the depletion of their forces and believing that there is no more for them to be able to do in order to win. However, he is then surprised by Golden Freddy after he reveals that he has an ace in the hole, having retrieved Spring Bonnie's lost exoskeleton and now planning on retrieving his endoskeleton in order to fully see through their desire for revenge.


In the season finale, which is the longest episode in the series at 35 minutes, Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie put their next plan into action and vanish from the Parts & Service room just as the Puppet and the old animatronics set out to try and finish things once and for all on their own. Seeing that their enemies are now mysteriously absent, they back off for the time being and resort to their original schedule for the next night, with them all combining forces to take out the new night guard. While they are moving about all throughout the building, Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie go through the box in which the Puppet resides in and steal the endoskeleton (which originally belonged to Spring Bonnie) hidden inside, returning to the Parts & Service room so that Spring Bonnie can regain his original form. However, it's revealed that this is not the actual plan that Golden Freddy had in mind; with sorrow, he instead seals Spring Bonnie inside the empty exoskeleton- who vehemently vows vengeance against him just before he is trapped- and breaks apart the endoskeleton to receive his power (as can be inferred, since this isn't properly explained by Zajcu), finally becoming strong enough to take on the Puppet's entire crew.

While Golden Freddy prepares for his last attack, Toy Freddy ends up stumbling upon the Puppet while he is discussing the subject matter of the Toy animatronics with Freddy. Having been asked why the Toy animatronics were given life in the first place, the Puppet reveals to Freddy that they were made so that they could later sacrifice themselves in order to save the old crew, causing Toy Freddy to become angered that he and his friends had been left in the dark and isolate himself from the others so he can contemplate the discovery more carefully. On the other hand, Toy Chica uses her time to bond in a more friendly manner with Chica and a more affectionate manner with Bonnie, attempting to kindle something between him and herself, but unable to do so when the latter responds by telling her that someone like him could never start something with someone like her. The two simply rest with one another in the end while Foxy and Mangle look on from outside with unspoken support, and soon afterward, Golden Freddy finally comes out of hiding to begin the last battle.

First incapacitating the night guard so he can't interfere with his task, Golden Freddy then lures the entire team into an empty room while the Puppet is out on his own to investigate what's happening, trapping them inside with some of the arcade machines using his new-found powers so they too won't get in his way while he goes to deal with the Puppet first.

Pleading for Golden Freddy to join with him and not start any violence, the Puppet is eventually forced to fight with him when he remains defiant and insists that he will finally have his vengeance on everyone for their betrayal, having become completely misguided by his desire to avenge Spring Bonnie's gruesome fate. After a long fight between the two, Golden Freddy manages to overpower the Puppet and disable him entirely, the crew having broken out of their own predicament far too late to save him. Seeking to then take his hatred out on the old animatronics, many of the Toy animatronics intervene in a powerful final attack from Golden Freddy and fulfill the Puppet's prophecy, being killed and thus saving the old crew while Mangle goes to murder the earlier knocked-out night guard under Shadow Freddy's control. She becomes disabled shortly afterward, along with every other animatronic that is still alive once the 6 A.M. bell chimes.

Years later, with the second pizzeria being shut down, the old animatronics wake up at the third Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (the location from the first game), confused by their updated appearances and eventually coming to the conclusion that they had been moved to another location. Foxy's immediate instinct is to find out what happened to Mangle, and after being told by the others what had happened to her, he breaks out into a fit of anguish that awakens Golden Freddy, who also becomes curious about his surroundings. While he discovers that Spring Bonnie's body had been moved to the new location and also finds the salvaged parts of the Toy animatronics, the other characters spend their time grieving over the loss of their friends, Foxy and Bonnie being the most distraught seeing as they had been closely knit with two of the victims of Golden Freddy's assault at the previous pizzeria.

Overcome with regret and looking to atone for his mistakes, Golden Freddy confronts the old characters and apologizes for what he had done, then explaining the motivations for his aggressive actions back in the last location: having been best friends with Spring Bonnie back at Fredbear's Family Diner, he had become resentful when the two of them were put out of business in favor of the old characters, for the sake of more diversity and to revive a dying business. Both of them were stripped for parts after being brought to the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria established after the closure of the diner, but Spring Bonnie had suffered the worst of it, having his entire endoskeleton removed and no longer being able to function as a regular animatronic. When everyone was moved again to the second pizzeria after Golden Freddy killed the first one's mechanic, he was consumed by grief after finding he was only able to bring his friend back in the form of a ghost, immensely saddened by his loss and looking to find redemption for him by any means necessary.

Becoming understanding of what he had done, the old crew forgives Golden Freddy, who then uses what power he has to bring the Puppet back to life. When he sees what's left of the Toy animatronics after also forgiving Golden Freddy, he sets out to work and repairs all of their friends, allowing both Foxy and Mangle and Bonnie and Toy Chica to reunite at long last. Stage positions for the Toy animatronics and a new resting place for the Puppet are made later on while Bonnie notes to himself that the next day will be his birthday, launching the events of Season 1 that bridge the gap between Seasons 2 and 3.


Season 3 follows Springtrap's awakening in the second pizzeria with his battle against the Fazbear crew, and eventually takes their exploits to Fazbear's Fright.

In contrast to the last two seasons, the third one accumulated a much lower total of over 38 and a half million views, likely as a result of the decreased interest in Five Nights at Freddy's as a whole.


On one particular day following Freddy's nightmare about Spring Bonnie, Toy Bonnie goes through multiple incidences where bad luck causes him to blunder everything he does and inconvenience his fellow crew members while doing so. After having turned down her earlier offer and then experiencing more unpleasant fowl-ups afterward, he goes back to Toy Chica in search of a way to get rid of his bad luck and receives an item from her which does exactly what he was looking for. Wanting to show his gratitude, he returns to her and thanks her by means of an unexpected hug. Having been seen by Bonnie- who Toy Chica is now in a relationship with, he misinterprets the show of gratitude for unwarranted intimacy and storms off angrily, to which Toy Chica gives desperate chase in order to explain what had really happened.


In the meantime, Chica attempts to enter the kitchen only to realize it's locked, finding out that Golden Freddy had shut himself inside for an unknown reason. After having arrived to find out what was happening, Freddy enters the kitchen by travelling through the vents and confronts Golden Freddy to figure out why he's so troubled, making the latter respond with irritation and tell him that the reason is none of Freddy's business before disappearing. From the inside, Freddy unlocks the door and lets Chica in, informing her that he wasn't able to discover what was making Golden Freddy so upset when she asks what was wrong.

Elsewhere, with Toy Chica having just been shoved off by Bonnie after trying to console him, Mangle goes to meet with her by the Show Stage and asks her what had gotten her so down, making her confess that Bonnie won't talk to her because of what had happened earlier. After having it suggested to her by Mangle that she go give him a gift, Toy Chica goes to ask for help from Chica to make a cake for Bonnie to have, which the latter begrudgingly accepts (due to her own affection for Bonnie, which is subtly displayed in both of the previous seasons). While the two of them are working on it, Toy Bonnie approaches Toy Chica again in order to apologize for causing her problems, which is again something which Bonnie happens to see. It makes him even more irritated, thinking that Toy Chica is beginning to see Toy Bonnie behind his back.

When the kitchen is vacated later on, Freddy uses the space to practice a certain discussion scenario by himself, revealing that he likes Chica and is attempting to muster up the courage to be able to admit his feelings for her. While in the middle of it, Balloon Boy and JJ drop in on his failing rehearsal and find out about his love for Chica, seeing that what he is trying to do isn't getting him anywhere and leaving JJ to decide that she will help him out. In the meanwhile, Toy Chica goes to Bonnie to deliver the finished cake to him in order to apologize for making him upset, but he violently rejects it when he reveals to her that he saw her again with Toy Bonnie, calling her "pathetic" for presumably seeing someone else behind his back. He only becomes regretful about his actions when he sees how hurt it made Toy Chica, who had run off crying after his outburst.

As this is happening, down in the basement below, Spring Bonnie is shown finally waking up from his slumber.


At a later point, with Chica by herself and contemplating whether or not she has a chance with Bonnie now that he is at odds with Toy Chica, Freddy lingers outside for a bit with Balloon Boy and JJ and voices his uncertainty of if it would be a good idea to talk to her now. However, the latter two urge him that there is no point in him running away, and he soon manages to work up the confidence to finally go and speak to her. Conversing with her for a bit and ultimately arriving at the question of if she would be his girlfriend, the results end up being somewhat poor; Chica tells him that she would have to think about it and indirectly rejects him, leaving Freddy to go and vent his disappointment to Toy Freddy after experiencing what appears to be a vision of a past Bonnie and Golden Freddy and future Toy Chica going through a portal. He tells the former to give her some time to come around.

Afterward, Shadow Freddy pays a visit to Freddy to warn him about the imminent threat that is Spring Bonnie, knowing that the latter had gotten a nightmare about him and telling him that Golden Freddy also needed to be informed so he can take care of the matter on his own. At the same time, Bonnie goes to go give Toy Chica a gift and tries to apologize to her for his earlier actions, but leaves her to her own devices when he finds that she won't respond to him.

Then, Golden Freddy experiences an abrupt mental breakdown when he hears Spring Bonnie speaking to him in his head, his old friend knowing that while he is too weak to be able to move about on his own as of present, Golden Freddy will still "come right to him" and allow the two of them to talk once again for the first time in several years (a detail that is later shown to be flawed).


This was the first episode to introduce voices (through text-to-speech programs) to go along with the subtitled dialogue.

Brought to the kitchen so he could recuperate with Freddy and the Puppet waiting for him to wake up, the two force Golden Freddy to confess what was on his mind when he finally gets up, confirming Shadow Freddy's warning about Spring Bonnie's awakening and admitting that he was distressed because he didn't know how to handle the situation appropriately. Under Shadow Freddy's repeated guidance, Freddy lets Golden Freddy know that the issue is his own to deal with and that no one else can get in the way of the feud between the old friends, leaving him to think more about how he is going to deal with his former partner.

Meanwhile, Chica goes to visit Bonnie by the Show Stage and asks him if there's anything wrong, seeing how distraught he is and seeking to try and start a conversation between the two of them. But after he denies that there's anything bothering him, Chica realizes that what she's trying to do is wrong and is soon reminded of her earlier encounter with Freddy, knowing then that she had made a mistake which had hurt her friend and leaving Bonnie by himself so she too can be alone to ponder. However, Bonnie doesn't remain in one place for long; wanting justice for himself and Toy Chica being torn apart, he confronts Toy Bonnie backstage and demands that he stop seeing his girlfriend. In the end, he relents regretfully when Toy Bonnie strongly insists that he'd only been thanking her for stopping any further misfortune from coming to him, the conversation between the two of them being interrupted when Toy Chica drops by to find out the cause of the commotion. She tells Bonnie that she no longer recognizes him (because of how he'd been acting) after Toy Bonnie leaves with irritation at the couple for dragging him into their mess.

With that having taken place, Golden Freddy finally makes his decision and retrieves a fire axe from backstage an hour later, going down to the basement to confront Spring Bonnie. He has a discussion with him in which the latter finds out that he'd been trapped inside his own costume for three decades, and noted how he'd only been able to move partially because Foxy had stuffed a dead night guard into it (something which isn't properly explained). He also reveals that he is aware of how Golden Freddy had made new acquaintances with the rest of the characters, leading Golden Freddy to personally admit his guilt for what he'd done and ask for him to join the rest of them, so the two can be friends once more. Spring Bonnie seems to hint at an underlying wish to do so, saying "I remember Puppet spoke these words to you", but ultimately he refuses to do so, claiming that who Golden Freddy was referring to is dead. He now refers to himself with the name of "Springtrap", and declares his new goal to destroy his old friend and his newfound allies. Knowing for certain from this that he is too far gone for him to try and save, Golden Freddy attempts to kill Springtrap with his axe, only to be overpowered by him after a hidden Shadow Freddy grants him the ability to move completely again (which, as mentioned earlier, is a flawed detail since it's implied that Springtrap doesn't actually know of Shadow Freddy's presence whenever he interacts with him, leaving the unanswered question of how Springtrap knew that this was going to happen in the first place), knocking Golden Freddy unconscious and keeping him tied up in the basement while he leaves to go after his friends.


As this is taking place, Foxy decides to go to the kitchen and finds with shock that Chica is preoccupying herself by making and boxing an unusually large amount of pizza, prompting him to ask what she had been doing and noticing that she seemed off. At first, she insists that she doesn't want to talk, but after further prodding from Foxy, she confesses that she realized that there was "someone else" she had hurt by not acknowledging their emotions while she was so busy thinking about Bonnie. Foxy immediately knows that she is referring to Freddy, and hammers the point home even further for her by telling her how long he had been preparing to try and talk with her, only for him to have his heart broken by her.

Afterwards, while Toy Chica keeps to herself in the women's restroom, she receives an unexpected visit from Springtrap and is almost immediately knocked out by him. He tries to kill her after doing so but is stopped by Shadow Freddy, who orders him not to and keep everyone he comes across alive. This prompts him to move on to Mangle next, and take her as a hostage after wounding her.

Some time passes before both Bonnie and Foxy notice Toy Chica and Mangle's disappearances respectively and they go in a panic to report their absences to Freddy, who then calls upon everyone to search the entire pizzeria for their missing friends. One by one, the group is picked off while they are out looking on their own till only Freddy and Chica are left, with Springtrap taking a short break to go and visit Golden Freddy while the last two left standing continue to search for everyone who had suddenly vanished. When the two old friends meet with one another once again, Golden Freddy becomes angered when Springtrap shows him all the people he had managed to dispose of, but the latter makes it clear that he hadn't killed any of them and that they are all still alive. As he leaves to go deal with the rest, Golden Freddy declares that he won't allow him to succeed while he is still present, to which Springtrap simply scoffs before making his way back up to the pizzeria's ground level.

Backstage, Chica tries to grab Freddy's attention and tells him that she wants to talk to him, but feels even more guilty for her previous actions when he shrugs her off and tells her that he doesn't have time to do so right now. Eventually adamant on getting him to listen, she declares a supposed love for him and manages to distract Freddy for just a moment, who acknowledges what she says but hasn't yet accepted it. He tells her to think about what she really feels before they have a more detailed conversation about the topic, leaving the room with her afterwards with the matter now settled. Then he asks her to go and have a look at the restrooms while he waits outside, leaving them both open to attack since they are no longer close together.

Downstairs, Shadow Freddy- now proven at this point to be manipulating events from both sides- silently releases Golden Freddy from his restraints and watches unnoticed as he kneels by the remains of his friends, becoming further enraged by Springtrap's cruel agenda and going to settle things once and for all. He isn't able to arrive in time to save the last two characters, however; before he can arrive, Springtrap incapacitates Chica with his axe just as she is returning from the restrooms, then dislocates Freddy's jaw, having disposed of everyone and declaring that he would now have his revenge. Having his attention pulled towards Golden Freddy after being attacked with one half of the broken endoskeleton that had been used to gain his full power, revoking Springtrap's ability to apparate throughout the pizzeria, the two engage in a fight after Golden Freddy states that he now recognizes that there is no longer any choice for him but to put him down. Despite having his right foot cleaved off by the hatchet, Golden Freddy ends up doing enough damage to Springtrap during the battle that leaves him at his mercy for a final blow, but Golden Freddy hesitates as he is reminded of the old Spring Bonnie. Finding that he is unable to bring any further harm to Springtrap, he is left open to a swing of his hatchet that supposedly kills him, leaving Springtrap victorious in that moment before the 6 A.M. bell chimes and causes him to become disabled.

Years after the shutdown of the third pizzeria, Fazbear's Fright is opened and Springtrap awakes once placed there to find himself in an entirely unfamiliar setting, angered that he is still trapped and accidentally bringing Chica back to life in the form of a Phantom during his outburst. At the same time, Bonnie awakens backstage.


Looking around and finding the remains of his friends, Bonnie becomes incredibly worried when he discovers that Toy Chica is in the worst state out of all of them, seeing that most of her exoskeleton has been destroyed and inadvertently getting her to wake up using a strange new power that he had received during Springtrap's attack at the previous pizzeria. She also wakes up and sees her own incredibly damaged state, informing Bonnie that Springtrap was the one responsible for it when he asks who had brought it upon her (which is inconsistent with what was shown prior, since he only damaged her eyes in the last episode and hadn't done anything more to her than that before having malfunctioned due to the bell chime), and having to hold him back when he tries to go to find him. Toy Chica tells him that Springtrap is far too powerful for them to be taking on at this point, then collapses back to the floor after having stood up for a bit, telling him that she is too weak to be able to do anything. Telling her not to worry and that he'd wake the others up using his revival ability, Bonnie does just that, but finds that he can't wake up Chica before soon passing out due to an implied stress caused by his situation.

Elsewhere, Springtrap spends his time wandering throughout the building in search of an exit, examining the Phantoms that he had created along the way but ultimately dismissing them so he can try and find out how to leave.

Meanwhile in Bonnie's subconscience, he is visited by Golden Freddy and finds out indirectly that the reason why he had gained his earlier power was because the former had hid his soul in his head after having his physical form destroyed, also stating that Springtrap isn't aware of the fact that he is still among the living. Deciding at that moment to inquire who Springtrap is, unfamiliar with the name despite having it told to him by Toy Chica earlier, Golden Freddy explains to Bonnie that Springtrap had once gone by the name of "Spring Bonnie" and was such a close friend to the point where he considered him a brother, but that his old self no longer exists because of his eventual desire to eradicate everything.

Not wanting to dwell on the topic for too long, Golden Freddy asks for confirmation that Bonnie had in fact been able to wake up his friends, to which the latter replies by saying that there were some he couldn't wake up. Golden Freddy tells him that those who hadn't woken up had already been reached by Springtrap, and that they are now Phantoms that are under his control. Bestowing the task of recovering their friends' memories from their forced amnesia upon Bonnie, he tells him what he needs to do to recover them and that Golden Freddy will be the one to take care of Springtrap once the crew is reunited.

Bonnie decides afterward to bring up the matter of Toy Chica's disabled state, and Golden Freddy reveals that she is in fact dying because of her lack of a complete costume (something which doesn't make sense because the endoskeleton should be able to function just fine without the costume, given the animatronics' anatomy), and will be beyond recovery if she is not repaired by the next morning. Noting that there are most likely spare costumes somewhere in the building just like in the last two locations, Golden Freddy lets Bonnie know that he has to "act quickly" and leaves his subconscience so that he can wake up again. Informing the now conscious Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie that he is alright and explaining the situation with Toy Chica to them once he gets up, Bonnie pairs up Toy Bonnie and JJ to go to the night guard's office to keep Springtrap occupied while he and Toy Freddy go to look for a spare costume for Toy Chica. During that same moment, Shadow Freddy makes a reappearance and alters Springtrap's mind so that he will by instinct follow the voice of a child once he hears it.

Soon afterward, Springtrap catches Bonnie and Toy Freddy sneaking through the halls and sets out to try and put them down for good, but is quickly distracted by Balloon Boy's voice over the loudspeakers thanks to JJ and Toy Bonnie, allowing the other two to gain access into the room where they find a costume for Toy Chica being kept. Their triumph is cut short when they realize what kind of costume they've found, however; Toy Freddy delivers the news to Bonnie and explains that the costume is actually a prototype version for Toy Chica's look that was meant to be used in the last pizzeria but never was, and that the two of them have the choice of either going with that one or risking their cover for an even longer period of time so that they can go find her actual costume. Deciding that more searching isn't worth the risk against an enemy much stronger than them, Bonnie tells Toy Freddy to take the costume with them and goes back to Toy Bonnie and JJ, waiting outside the office while they fix Toy Chica.

When she wakes up and looks at her repaired self, Toy Chica is dissatisfied with her new appearance but forces herself to at least tolerate it when JJ explains that it had helped to keep her alive, going to see Bonnie and Toy Freddy and voicing her hope to be able to find her old costume soon. Discarding the destroyed helmet of her old one, an odd presence emits from it and travels towards Shadow Freddy in another area of the building, making him receive an updated form for his right hand that originally belonged to Nightmare (who has yet to be introduced at this point).


Waking up from another period of rest, Toy Chica finds Toy Bonnie in the security office and goes to speak with him, curious to know what it is that he's doing. He informs her of how he is keeping Springtrap at bay using the building's audio clips, and cautions her against wandering through its corridors due to the still-present issue of Springtrap and his Phantoms. She leaves him to his devices, and goes outside where she finds Bonnie lost in thought. After managing to get his attention, he tells her about the task Golden Freddy has entrusted him with and voices doubt about who he wants to save while he still has the power to do so, before the ability is passed on to someone else. Toy Chica suggests that he aid the Puppet first so that they may receive guidance on how they can combat Springtrap, and while Bonnie agrees with this, he states that there's still the issue of finding out how they're supposed to find him in the first place.

Elsewhere inside the building, Springtrap laments his inability to stop following the child's voice whenever he hears it being played and tries to figure out how he can bypass it, shortly before being alerted by Phantom Freddy about the appearance of two sudden visitors; knocked unconscious by a concussive blast from what can be assumed to be Toy Chica from the future (whose presence has not been clearly explained)- with Golden Freddy of the past at her side (an also unexplained presence)- Springtrap wakes up later with no recollection of what occurred, while Phantom Freddy goes beserk and suddenly disables a nondescript electronic offscreen. Following this, Springtrap comes to the discovery that the Phantoms are able to destroy whatever device is causing the sounds to be played, and immediately plans for an assault on the security office.

With this now transpiring, Bonnie and Toy Chica have moved on from the discussion about saving their lost friends and now talk about the latter's insecurities with her new costume, the former reminding her that it had saved her life while telling her that she shouldn't worry so much about her appearance. Toy Chica then mentions how she had actually felt strange and watched when in her old costume, alluding to the presence of part of Nightmare's soul (which is explained later on) and being told once again by Bonnie not to worry. Afterward, she decides to be honest about why she came out to talk with him and makes it clear once more that there was nothing between her and Toy Bonnie, pointing out that she still loves him but almost had her heart broken when he lashed out at her for the misunderstanding. Disappointed with himself for behaving so irrationally, Bonnie requests that she give him more time to sort out his feelings, to which she gladly agrees before they go back inside. Up on the roof, having watched the two converse before their departure, Shadow Freddy then notes to himself about how the animatronics are unaware of their origin and that he needs to "protect them at all costs" (a quote which is later revealed to be contradictory of his intentions), so far satisfied with everything going "according to the plan".

After this happens, the security office is sabotaged by Phantom Balloon Boy, and Toy Bonnie becomes unable to operate the audio, who in turn warns the others about the incoming attack so that they can prepare for Springtrap's arrival. As fate would have it, Phantom Puppet shows up alongside Springtrap, and Bonnie attempts to reach his head so that he can begin the recovery process. However, the two are abruptly cut off from one another by Phantom Chica as they rush toward each other, and Bonnie instead enters her mind where he is taken back to the 1987 pizzeria.


When Bonnie awakes and realizes where he is, he wanders through the location in search of a gift Golden Freddy mentioned was necessary to restore Chica's (and the rest of the Phantoms', in their respective minds) conscience and watches parts of a flashback transpire, soon noticing a dejected-looking Chica who goes to converse with her Toy counterpart. Bonnie hears the former encourage the latter to go and confess her feelings to the past him, and realizes then that Chica had been in love with him this whole time without him ever noticing. Afterward, he travels to a further point in time where the animatronics were having their last battle with Golden Freddy, watching again as Chica tries to stop Mangle from leaving the group while under Shadow Freddy's control to no avail. Having been tasked by him with killing the nightguard, she stresses that she has no time to explain what she's doing before making her departure. Bonnie then finds the gift he was looking for and again travels further into the future where he sees the first instance of when he saw Toy Bonnie with Toy Chica, validating her statement that there was really nothing between them and now understanding the reality of that situation. Noticing that Chica is not present in the Dining Area, he proceeds to go to the Office and finds Phantom Chica present and lying in wait there, giving her the gift and thereby revoking the control Springtrap has over her.

When both of them come to, Chica immediately turns on Springtrap much to his disbelief and distracts him while the other animatronics and the Phantoms retreat, Toy Freddy repairs the Office equipment, and Bonnie and Toy Chica reconcile. Chica herself is soon forced to return to her friends when the other Phantoms come back to Springtrap's aid, and the animatronics come to discover that while Chica has control of herself again, she doesn't have a physical form and has lost her ability to speak. With the power to reclaim the Phantoms being passed on to Toy Bonnie, all of them resolve to recover their friends and gradually get them back over the next month. With only Phantom Freddy left to save, Springtrap realizes that he can't beat the animatronics physically and opts for a more methodical approach by baiting Toy Chica out. In the meantime, Bonnie tells her that it's now up to her to rescue their remaining lost friend, and Shadow Freddy plans on getting involved.


Going to visit her old counterpart, Toy Chica catches her looking at Freddy's vacated costume and tells her how clear her feelings are to see, making her confess that she loves Freddy before she wordlessly communicates her desire to know how Toy Chica found out about it. She tells Chica that it was the same situation she had with Bonnie and thereby knows from intuition, then tells her that she doesn't know how to recover her physical form when the former makes it known again through non-verbal communication that it's possible to get it back. Toy Chica is called into the Office by Toy Freddy afterward, and she takes her leave to go find out what it is that he wants her to see.

Inside the Office, Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie are in a dispute with one another about allowing Toy Chica to see what the former has found, the latter insisting that nobody else would agree to let her know about it out of concern for her own safety. Despite continued protest from Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy shows the discovery in question to Toy Chica anyway and she is ecstatic to find that her old costume is present inside the building, wanting to follow along with Toy Freddy's suggestion for them to go and retrieve it. Again, Toy Bonnie speaks out against it and states that in the entire month of him operating the camera he has never seen the box anywhere, outing it as an obvious trap. Toy Chica fakes a promise to not go out to get her old costume and then requests that Toy Freddy give her five minutes so that she can discreetly meet with him outside, the two then going around the building over to the front entrance so that they can re-enter undetected regardless if the box is indeed a trap. Finding the interior odd and wanting to do some exploring, she comes across Phantom Freddy at the building's Show Stage and abandons her original objective to go and save him, transported back in time to the very first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (not to be confused with Fredbear's Family Diner). She finds to her confusion that no one is present inside the building and wanders past visions of both her future self and her Nightmare form, soon passing out from the stress of her situation. When she wakes back up, she continues to wander until she arrives at the Dining Area, where Shadow Freddy makes his presence known and welcomes her to Phantom Freddy's dreamscape.


Introducing himself to Toy Chica, Shadow Freddy tells her how he knows everything about her and her friends, eventually warning her about the threat of Nightmare and then sharing his backstory with her so that she'll also know how they came to be.

He explains that in 1983, there was a man hired at Fredbear's Family Diner for maintenance work, who despite being a meticulous worker was soon fired after being framed for an animatronic sabotage which the nightguard of the location had actually caused. Slowly eaten away by a need for revenge against him, the mechanic eventually lost his family and home and was finally driven over the edge, going back to the diner so he could reporgram Fredbear to kill his accuser. When Fredbear malfunctioned in the middle of his task, the mechanic went to go and try to fix him only to be attacked instead, being brutally murdered and having his corpse hidden by the corporation in order to cover up the incident and avoid having the diner's reputaion soiled.

Having been filled with so much hatred, the mechanic's soul lived on and possessed a foreign object which gave him immense power and a ghostly form made from parts of a prototype Fredbear animatronic. Attempting to make a physical form for himself, he instead had his soul accidentally split into four parts. Three of them found their way to Fredbear, Spring Bonnie and the Puppet while the fourth one found its way into Freddy many years later when the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria was opened. That part of the mechanic's soul was ultimately improsoned within Freddy's body after a futile attempt to control him. The Puppet went on to give life to the old and new animatronics by splitting up his own part of the mechanic's soul into even smaller ones, thus why they possess a human's conscience.

With Nightmare's backstory having been told, Shadow Freddy goes on to tell Toy Chica that Nightmare is now trying to escape from Freddy's mind and retrieve every piece of his soul, and that he is both trying to stop him from reawakening and stop himself from being turned into a monster by the pieces of Nightmare's physical form that he's uncontrollably obtaining from the other animatronics. Continuing, he makes it known that there is a traitor among their group helping with Nightmare's return and that Toy Chica needs to find out who it is, because he himself doesn't know who specifically it is. Freddy is taken out of the question since the two of them are in his mind and know for a fact from his current possession that it can't be him. The two then part ways, and Toy Chica recovers Phantom Freddy by giving him the required gift.


Returning to her own conscience, Toy Chica finds that Freddy's memories have been restored and gives him a parting gesture before going to rendezvous with Toy Freddy. This triggers a flashback for him where he saw her future self making the same gesture as she wordlessly crossed paths with him at the second pizzeria, while travelling with Withered Bonnie and Golden Freddy of the past through a portal (as seen in "The Awakening - Part 1"). As he disappears while pondering this, Toy Chica stumbles upon Toy Freddy checking something on a tablet, who then abruptly throws away the tablet upon being alerted of her presence and damages it in the process. Explaining to a wary Toy Chica that he was absent because he was checking to see if they would be able to retrieve her costume without interference, he then asks JJ to open the door leading to the corridors Springtrap wanders, and he goes ahead of her to locate the costume. Though he manages to do so, he ends up returning to Toy Chica empty-handed and collapses as Springtrap reveals his presence, expressing glee at finally being able to make progress towards his objective with the two hostages he now has as leverage to escape. Toy Freddy urges Toy Chica to leave, but she instead decides to stay to face Springtrap.

Backstage, a sleeping Bonnie is awoken by Foxy and Mangle, who wordlessly inform him that Freddy has come back and allow him to go and greet their recovered friend. At the same time, Chica enters the room to make this discovery herself and rushes to embrace him, making Bonnie knowledgeable of a newly formed relationship between the other two. After finding out from Freddy that Toy Chica was the one who brought him back, he goes into the Office and learns from Toy Bonnie that Toy Chica and Toy Freddy had gone out in secret to retrieve her old costume with the help of JJ, and when they check the cameras, they find Toy Chica being attacked by Springtrap. Bonnie urges JJ to open the exit door for her, and she narrowly manages to escape with Springtrap hot at her heels. Though momentarily frustrated, he convinces himself that he still has the upper hand with Toy Freddy in tow, and plans to have Toy Chica choose between obtaining her old costume and saving her friend's life.

Toy Chica returns backstage to be met with both Bonnies, and she asks for both their forgiveness and help to save Toy Freddy. Toy Bonnie states that with all the Phantoms having been saved, someone will have to put off Springtrap's arrival while everyone else works on bringing Golden Freddy back to life, and Toy Chica agrees to be bait against Bonnie's initial wishes so that she can atone for her reckless mistake. The two then go elsewhere to speak in private, where Bonnie first asks if Toy Chica had any problems with bringing Freddy back and is told that there weren't, then is asked by the latter if there was ever a time where he thought that one of their friends had "dark intentions". As Shadow Freddy watches unseen with a seemingly intrigued expression, Bonnie says he's never thought that of any of their friends and asks why she was looking to know. She tells him that she was simply curious to know his thoughts on the matter before Toy Bonnie interrupts and urges that they start with their plan, parting ways with Bonnie and ominously speaking about the lack of his mention of a "purple friend" while submerged in memories (it can be assumed that she was referring to his recovery of Chica in "Trapped in the Mind"), much to his confusion as he fails to get her to clarify what she means.

Later, Toy Chica and Springtrap meet with each other again and he taunts her for being the one to enter his domain, then providing her with the ultimatum between her old costume and Toy Freddy's life. After brief confliction about which one to choose, she ultimately settles on Toy Freddy, to Springtrap's momentary disbelief before beckoning her to come closer. Though he attempts to knock her down when she gets close, she dodges the strike and plunges a knife into his knee, distracting him with the pain before kicking him down. She goes to release Toy Freddy from his restraints, finally having come to terms with her current appearance and no longer concerned with getting back her old costume.

Backstage, Bonnie and the Phantoms succeed in reviving Golden Freddy with their combined power, who wakes up confused and unaware of where he is. Asking everyone how they knew how to resurrect him, Bonnie answers with confusion of his own that it was he himself who told him how to do so, but Golden Freddy denies this and says that he had no awareness of what was happening this entire time. This makes Bonnie wonder who it was that he spoke with if Golden Freddy was not the one who gave him that information.

While Bonnie then takes some time to explain to Golden Freddy what's been occurring, Springtrap wakes up and loses his temper when he finds that Toy Freddy has been freed, deciding that no one is going to escape alive if he can't either. Overloading a gas pipe with pressure and breaking off the valve so that it can't be re-regulated, the building starts exploding and sets off a warning alarm which grabs the attention of the other animatronics. JJ informs Bonnie that it's already too late to stop Springtrap, and Golden Freddy then urges everyone to evacuate, resolving to battle with his old friend for what will be the last time.


With the building continuing to rapidly collapse, Toy Chica hastens to escort Toy Freddy back to the rest of the group. He suggests that they go and look for their costume under the presumption that Springtrap has already evacuated, but she reminds him that the building could be destroyed at any moment and presses onward with him. When they arrive backstage, Toy Chica explains to a questioning Toy Bonnie that Toy Freddy's legs were damaged and cannot walk as a result, then finds that Golden Freddy is present with them all and asks him who set the building on fire. He tells her that it was Springtrap's doing, then informs the group that he'll teleport them to the second pizzeria to keep them out of harm's way, adding that he doesn't have enough power to include himself in the process and that he'll join them later. JJ informs him that there's around an hour left remaining until the complex will fall apart completely, and he tells everyone to get ready for the transport with their time running out. In the meantime, Springtrap takes psychotic revelry in knowing that the themed attraction will soon be destroyed, noting that he could have done this much earlier on and that "soon, the time for fireworks will come".

Bonnie and Golden Freddy wish each other good luck as the latter teleports the group back to the pizzeria, then leaves to go and confront Springtrap. When the two finally meet, Springtrap expresses shock at the fact that his old friend is still alive, then asks why he didn't leave the building when he has the power to do so. Golden Freddy answers that he has no intention of running away before inquiring about the reason behind Springtrap's actions, who tells him that he finds pleasure in murder and destruction. He agrees with Golden Freddy's remark about him being mad, and declares that he will finish him off for good. The latter objects to this and says that they will die together, which then provokes Springtrap into battling with him. The resulting struggle culminates in Springtrap's helmet being torn off and Golden Freddy losing his left eye, and when the two of them lock fists again, the latter is shocked when he hears the former plead for help. Before either of them can do anything more, an explosion knocks them both away from each other, and Springtrap awakens later to find that a microchip influencing his behaviour has been removed from his head (it should be noted that this is an inconsistency with the Season 2 finale, where it's shown that the cause of Springtrap's madness was because of Golden Freddy betraying him; the existence of the microchip was also never mentioned or referenced in any of the previous episodes). Momentarily glad to have regained his proper conscience, he rushes to his old friend's aid to find that he is unconscious, then discovers that only 30 seconds remain before the building will collapse. Seeing that there is no way for them to escape, he accepts their fate and waits for it to come; both of them are presumably killed in the ensuing blast at the end of the remaining time.

Having been successfully teleported back home, the group returns to find that the pizzeria has also been set on fire, and JJ tells a grief-stricken Bonnie that someone likely didn't want them to go back there. Toy Chica thinks aloud that it had to have been the work of the traitor in their group, giving no clarification when Toy Bonnie overhears her and asks what she said. She then asks Bonnie what they should do, and shortly after he admits that he's unsure, the 6 A.M. bell chimes. The animatronics all deactivate- save for Toy Chica, who simply goes to sleep, and are visited soon afterward by a stranger in a car.


Sometime later, Bonnie, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy and JJ awake to find themselves in the first pizzeria that followed after Fredbear's Family Diner, with Toy Chica explaining that the owner of it had found them and moved them there shortly after falling unconscious (how she was knowledgeable of this isn't explained). Finding the bodies of their other friends on-stage, they try to awaken them as well only to discover that they are ordinary, automated versions of the living animatronics, and that the real ones are still Phantoms. After Bonnie asks where Golden Freddy is, Toy Bonnie shows the top hat and bowtie he found in the building's Parts & Service room and explains that Golden Freddy had no plans to return with the others, in order to stop Springtrap for good. As Bonnie prepares to begin a mourning service for their supposedly fallen friend, Golden Freddy makes an unexpected appearance, much to the others' initial joy until they find that he has also brought a now-redeemed Springtrap back with him. With them expressing skepticism that he has turned good, Golden Freddy comes to Springtrap's defense, saying that the latter saved his life and that he will tell everyone what happened before Fazbear's Fright burned completely to the ground.


Though he had first come to terms with his and Golden Freddy's impending deaths, Springtrap changed his mind at the last moment and decided that their lives didn't have to end so soon, resolving to use the former's power so that they could escape the themed attraction. Transporting the two of them to a vacated building, he repaired himself and had some rest while waiting for his old friend to wake up. Once he did and asked Springtrap why he saved his life, the latter explained that he never meant to hurt him and his friends, and that his change in behaviour was caused by the microchip formerly embedded in his skull. The device had ordered him to attack them, and whenever he refused to or tried asking for help, it would bring terrible pain to him (something which, again, is never shown in any of the previous episodes or even alluded to); it was only once the chip was damaged during his last fight with Golden Freddy that he was able to revert back to his normal personality. Golden Freddy asked Springtrap who gave him the chip, but the latter walked away and told him that they could discuss it later, calling the matter "complicated" to explain.


Back in the present, the other animatronics now realize that Springtrap was never an evil individual, and he apologizes to all of them for what he did. He goes on to tell them that he'll surrender what power he has left in order to bring their Phantom friends back, then leave and never come back. He attempts to make the reversion, but when nothing happens Toy Bonnie realizes that he has too little power left to do it, prompting Golden Freddy to join him and give up his own power. Springtrap thanks his old friend, and together, they successfully complete the process. Mangle, Foxy, Freddy and Chica are shown to have returned to their original bodies, and in the meanwhile, Bonnie brings Toy Chica backstage to show her that he managed to salvage her old costume from Fazbear's Fright. Freddy chastises his friend for risking his life for something so pointless, but is pulled away by Chica so the other couple can be left in peace. Mangle also directs Bonnie away to give Toy Chica space to put on her old costume, but once Toy Chica is left alone, she looks at her old costume with reluctance.


When Toy Chica returns, the rest of the crew is shocked to see that she hasn't changed back into her old costume. She explains that there's nothing wrong with the old costume, and that she simply decided not to wear it because she's realized that supporting her friends should take presidence over her appearance. She also adds that while she'll go on wearing her new costume, she'll keep her old costume as a souvenir from the past. Bonnie, the Puppet and Mangle commend her for her change of heart while Springtrap slips away from the group, which Freddy ends up noticing. He stops him from leaving the establishment and, on the behalf of the rest of them, Freddy welcomes Springtrap to the Fazbear family. Later, nearly half an hour past six in the morning, one of the group's members- the traitor, who has stripped themselves of their costume and changed their voice for the time being- converses with Nightmare and lets him know that preparations are nearly complete. Nightmare declares that he will soon make his return, and that both he and the traitor will create a new world together where everyone will feel great suffering, and bear witness to his power.


The fourth season in the series follows the return of the mysterious figure known as Nightmare, and the Fazbear crew's mission to defeat him and the traitor among them who is aiding his rise to power.

So far, this season has accumulated nearly 5 million views total.


After being startled awake from a nightmare, in which she was killed by an unseen figure at a decrepit version of the third pizzeria, Toy Chica is called on by Mangle to join her elsewhere, quickly finding her friend hiding someplace and telling her that she'll help find Foxy. Meanwhile, when Chica enters the kitchen, she finds Foxy hiding inside, who explains that he and Mangle are playing a game of hide and seek. He dismisses his friend's question about him being "too old" for such an activity, and ventures over to the office to cheat by finding out where Mangle is through the security monitor. However, he stops in his tracks when he sees someone inside who isn't yet shown to the viewer, exclaiming, "Impossible! He has returned!"

After Toy Chica finds Foxy and tells him that he's lost the game, the latter says that the game is no longer important because "he has come back"; drawing Freddy's attention, Foxy clarifies that the night guard- the same one who framed the man who would later become Nightmare- has been appointed to the location, a fact that Freddy is apparently already aware of. At Bonnie's statement that they have to kill him, Toy Chica expresses an unwillingness to do so, but goes along with her friends for the task when he reminds her that it's their priority. Though the guard manages to shut the three male animatronics out, Toy Chica is presented with the opportunity to kill him when he passes out at the realization of her having slipped inside the office. Against Freddy's behest, she outright refuses to commit the deed, believing the killing to be unnecessary and that they should try to be friends with humans. Freddy tries again to get her to end the guard's life, to which she wordlessly stands her ground and doesn't do it.


The following night, Toy Freddy informs Toy Chica that Freddy has called her into his office, noting that it's in regard to her "strange behaviour" the previous night and that the rest of the leading animatronics- Golden Freddy, Springtrap, and the Puppet- are gathered there to discuss it. When she goes to meet them and is asked by Springtrap about why she acted the way she did, she tells them that she's had a different perspective on things ever since getting her new costume, questioning why they should be killing "an innocent man". Freddy sharply interjects and insists that the guard is a murderer, but when she tells him to provide evidence proving this claim, he finds himself at a loss for words. The Puppet asks if there's something Toy Chica knows that the rest of them don't, and she admits to Freddy's surprise that as of late, she's been receiving dreams of bad events from Shadow Freddy.

Elsewhere in the building, Mangle peers outside her resting place in the bathroom to investigate a sound from outside, and is confronted by a hostile endoskeleton.


Toy Chica explains to the leading animatronics that Nightmare's soul is the reason why they are alive and why they have the urge to kill humans who work night shifts at the pizzeria, and that everyone will be in danger if he is allowed to return. Just as she is about to also reveal that there is a traitor among their group that is helping Nightmare, she realizes that doing so could compromise her position, and decides to withhold the information. The Puppet states that Toy Chica has managed to affirm his suspicion that he too has felt the presence of an unseen stranger, and Golden Freddy brings up the microchip that was implanted in Springtrap's head, believing it to be relevant somehow to the subject. Freddy suggests that a human was responsible for it, to which the Puppet reminds him that they don't know the animatronics are alive, ruling them out as suspects. Springtrap asks the Puppet if he has an idea of who did it (a contradiction of The Last Suffering - Part 3's implication that Springtrap already knew who it was), and the latter says that it had to be one of the other animatronics, to Springtrap's disbelief. After Toy Chica adds that the "curse"- which disables the animatronics at 6 in the morning and keeps them from being conscious during the day- no longer works on her, Golden Freddy deduces that they need to get to the bottom of what is now clearly an impending threat to them.

Though Toy Chica is finally dismissed from the meeting, Freddy catches up to her and tells her that he believes what she said about Shadow Freddy, and that he acts as a guide for him. Toy Chica then tells him that Shadow Freddy told her that the artifact containing Nightmare's core spirit is located inside the pizzeria, and that it's vital for her to retrieve it so they can be rid of Nightmare for good. As she says this, and that she knows exactly where the artifact is, the endoskeleton from earlier- with a seemingly incapacitated Mangle next to it- is seen watching her and Freddy through the monitor in the office.

Toy Chica takes Freddy to a room in the back where Nightmare's old body has been kept, and tells him that the artifact should be located in the helmet's jaws. Freddy looks inside and notes that there's nothing there, guessing that someone got to it before they did. Peering over his shoulder, Toy Chica notices a foreign object elsewhere in the room (the time-travelling device briefly seen in some episodes from the previous season), and Freddy tries to find out how it functions while she leaves to find out who took the artifact. On her way through the pizzeria, she's suddenly stopped by the Puppet, who informs her that there's something "very important" to bring up.

Meanwhile, Freddy is assaulted by a sudden migraine and turns to find himself confronted by the anonymous endoskeleton. With the artifact in its possession, it states that it's time for Nightmare to come back, now that all the animatronics are gathered in one place. When Freddy tries to take the artifact from it, he's stopped when the endoskeleton uses it, forcibly removing part of Nightmare's soul from Freddy's mind while saying with a distorted voice, "Some things require sacrifice."

The Puppet tells Toy Chica that he's sensing the imminent danger they talked about earlier, before being afflicted by the same migraine as Freddy; simultaneously, Mangle drags herself into the dining room where they are, apparently wounded and unable to walk as a result, and tells Toy Chica what little she can remember. In the back room, the endoskeleton is disabled as a result of its task being completed, and Nightmare's arm is seen grabbing the sphere.

Back in the dining room, the rest of the animatronics have gathered to find that they've been attacked by something, and Freddy is thrown in with them shortly after. When he comes to, he realizes with shock who the new figure present with them is, and Shadow Freddy reveals himself to have been Nightmare all along.


When Shadow Freddy presents himself to the group, Bonnie laments that while he doesn't know him, he feels like they've already met, directly implying that it was actually Shadow Freddy who spoke to him when he was told how to bring Golden Freddy back to life (who himself said that he hadn't been awake since the time Springtrap killed him at the third pizzeria). When Shadow Freddy provides the crew with a quick summary of Nightmare's backstory, Toy Chica interjects and says she thought Shadow Freddy was a being meant to prevent Nightmare's awakening, and in response, he mockingly tells her that he lied about that information (this is the contradiction that links back to "Attack of the Phantoms", in which Shadow Freddy said to himself that he was in fact meant to protect them from the ultimate evil that was Nightmare; aside from being a poorly executed "red herring", there would be no reason for him to lie to himself about his intentions). He tells them all that he will become unstoppable once he's reclaimed the entirety of his soul, and when Foxy tries to approach him, Shadow Freddy pushes him back using the artifact, slamming him into a nearby wall and killing him while laughing.

Shadow Freddy proceeds to take back the pieces of his soul trapped in each animatronic, turning himself into his true form. Now standing before them as Nightmare, he laughs as he tells the group that there is a traitor among them and how no one found out who. He asks the traitor to step forward and reveal themselves, and to Toy Chica and the other animatronics' shock, Mangle steps forward- revealing that she was never injured at all- and looks loathingly at the group as Nightmare proudly introduces his helper.


Toy Chica expresses shock at the new knowledge that her best friend betrayed them, and Golden Freddy demands to know the reason why. Mangle reminds them that shortly after the Toy animatronics were given life, she had been treated crudely by the pizzeria's patrons and left by the staff to suffer, her body in the state of her namesake. As time passed, her eye was caught by the artifact where Nightmare- then in the form of a decayed Shadow Freddy- was trapped inside, and unintentionally released him from it. Offering a chance for vengeance and sharing his backstory with her, he convinced Mangle that humans needed to be wiped out and made a partnership with her, leading her to fool the rest of the animatronics into believing she wanted to be friends with them. Though she did initially fall in love with Foxy, she let go of the feeling when Shadow Freddy warned that it would only be a hindrance.


Mangle then tells the group that she caused hallunications for Freddy by placing the artifact near him, revealing that it was hidden in Toy Chica's cupcake. She caused the second Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria location to close down due to her killing of the night guard, which was the first step to the plan (which contradicts what was originally seen in the Season 2 finale, where Shadow Freddy had to possess Mangle to get the job done). But to her disappointment, the animatronics weren't moved to the first location as originally intended, instead being placed in yet another new iteration of the pizzeria. Shadow Freddy told Mangle to find the old Springtrap costume to cause the destruction of the location. She created a mind control device so she can plant in Springtrap's head to make him want to cause destruction and violence. When the new night guard appeared at the location, Mangle used this as an opportunity to get to Springtrap's costume which was kept in captivity by Freddy Fazbear. She made herself get shot by the new night guard and faked that she lost her memory after Freddy and the Puppet fixed her so she can sneak away to the basement to plant the mind control device.


Mangle then tells the group that she had to be careful as Toy Freddy was starting to suspect her. Shadow Freddy then tells her to release Springtrap but it took too long. Thanks to the power of the ball, Mangle took a disabled Freddy to give power to Springtrap so he can spread the chaos. The second step of the plan ended with the closure of the location. But to Mangle's dismay, they still didn't get to the first location. Though at the time she was a phantom, Mangle was still able to continue with the plan for brief moments thanks to the power of the ball. Mangle and Shadow Freddy did not want the damaged Toy Chica to die, because that would mean that Shadow Freddy would lose part of his soul. Mangle manipulated Bonnie's hallunication so Shadow Freddy can appear to him as Golden Freddy. Since everyone wanted to go back to the previous location, Mangle and Shadow Freddy were completely against it as they both wanted to go back to the first location. Still a phantom, Mangle travelled to the previous location to burn it down to prevent the group from heading back there. 


After many years of planning, Mangle and Shadow Freddy finally reached the first location. Mangle then tells the group that she took off her costume and changed her voice so no one would know she was talking to a stronger and stronger Shadow Freddy. Mangle programmed the endoskeleton so it would attack her and perform other important tasks. After revealing her story, Toy Chica is shocked and calls her a monster, while Springtrap, now increasingly more enraged, lashes out at Mangle for causing all his pain for so many years. After he damages her eye and removes one of her ears, Nightmare stops him by using the power of the artifact to send the rest of the animatronics flying back. Nightmare then summons his minions, and Golden Freddy tells the group to escape through the kitchen. While Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, Golden Freddy, Springtrap and the Puppet escape, Freddy, Chica, Toy Bonnie, BB and JJ do not and are presumably killed.


One of Nightmare's minions are seen taking Toy Bonnie away (and the rest of the animatronics that did not escape offscreen). Nightmare tells his minions to kill the rest of the surviving animatronics who locked themselves in the kitchen. Nightmare Foxy and Nightmare Bonnie start to force the door open as Bonnie and Springtrap try their best to hold them back. Golden Freddy, The Puppet and Toy Chica find the teleportation device in the back room. As Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Foxy continue to break the door, Springtrap tells the others that they can't keep holding on to the door any longer. Soon after, Golden Freddy activates the teleporter, and he tells everyone to step inside it. Nightmare becomes impatient, pushes Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Foxy aside and begins to break the door open. Soon, Toy Freddy, Golden Freddy, Springtrap and the Puppet have already stepped inside the portal, and Toy Chica and Bonnie are the last ones left. As Bonnie steps inside the portal, Nightmare breaks the door open and throws a weapon towards the portal. The portal closes up, and Plushtrap tells Nightmare that he can track the animatronics' location once he figures out how to operate the teleporter. Nightmare smiles and says that they have to destroy the animatronics quickly to start his grand plan.


Golden Freddy, The Puppet, Springtrap, Toy Freddy and Toy Chica arrive at the teleporter's destination. They all realize that they are back at the second location of the pizzeria. Then Bonnie arrives, and to everyone's shock, he is stabbed by Nightmare's sword. Toy Chica and Springtrap help him lay down on a table, and Bonnie apologizes for not being fast enough to escape. He tells the group that he feels very weak. Toy Chica yells at the Puppet, Golden Freddy and Springtrap to help him. But the Puppet tells Toy Chica that Bonnie is dying and since Nightmare has already token away their powers, they cannot do anything to save Bonnie.