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Zajcu37 is a rather popular FNAF/SFM YouTuber from Poland. He is currently 19 years old. His animation is rather fair compared to some other animations, but the plot he is making in each video makes him popular. He still makes animations today. Zajcu, aside from his general plot-filled animations, is also quite well known for how he ships the animatronics together in his series, something that is loved by some but is also mostly a controversial aspect of his videos. Usually, his animations are featured on Typhoon Cinema.

When Zajcu hit 500,000 subscribers, he revealed his face at the end of the video. He was not proud of his English after he revealed it. Oh well!



The plot of the whole series revolves around the animatronic characters from both games in their struggle to find and maintain relationships with one another as well as against the much more imposing threat of Springtrap, who was wronged by Fredbear (Golden Freddy) in the past long ago and is now seeking ruthless vengeance against him and his friends for what had been done to him. The seasons progress much like the chronological order of the games; Season 1 takes place in the second rendition of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Season 2 takes place in the first version of the aforementioned pizzeria, and Season 3 takes place in the Fazbear's Fright attraction.

Season 1

In Season 1, many of the initial episodes involved did not have much to do with the plot that eventually came later on in the series. The first few videos for example were more like an aimless comedy, with one such episode focusing on Chica being angry about her missing pizza. It wasn't until closer towards the end of the season where a plot started being implemented into the series; the main two focuses of this were the development of Bonnie's relationship with Toy Chica, along with Freddy having a nightmare of Springtrap launching an attack on the pizzeria. It was at the latter point when this season ended and the next one began, going back in time several years to explore the backstory of the Toy animatronics' presence in the second pizzeria, as well as Springtrap's origins in that location.

Season 2

Season 2 takes place in the first Fazbear's Pizzeria which came after Fredbear's Family Diner, and focuses on Golden Freddy's battle against the Puppet.


At the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria some years before the events of Season 1, the original four animatronic characters had been the ones performing on the Show Stage before Golden Freddy made a sudden appearance and sabotaged them for a then-unknown motive during closing hours when no one was watching them, causing them to malfunction and be unable to perform any longer. The old animatronics were then replaced by their much glossier-looking counterparts, and the former set was thrown into the Parts & Service room of the pizzeria, having been stripped of some of their parts for the creation of new ones.

At first, the Toy animatronics had no personality or thought when they were first built; they were just normal kid-friendly robots. However, the mysterious presence of the Puppet came upon the new set of performers and ultimately brought them to life, also for a then-unknown motive much like Golden Freddy's attack on the old characters.


Upon finding out what the Puppet had done later on, Golden Freddy became agitated and demanded that the former take the Toy animatronics off-stage, as not to steal the spotlight from the old animatronics (as from what can be inferred from the dialogue-lacking interaction between the two, which is noticeably contradictory on Zajcu's part as to why Golden Freddy decommissioned the old characters in the first place).

When the Puppet made a firm denial in spite of being threatened, Golden Freddy lashed out at the former but ended up being overpowered by the Puppet in his own weakened state (which is later elaborated on) despite the supernatural abilities he himself possessed. Afterwards, Golden Freddy declared war on the Puppet and became his rival.

Moving into the Parts & Service room, Golden Freddy used his powers to revive the dismantled old characters, and shortly afterward commanded them to head out and destroy the Puppet's creations.

After the Toy animatronics were lured out following the subduing of the night security guard present in the Office at the hands of the old ones, the two sides had an altercation with one another and were prepared for a battle with the exception of Foxy and Mangle, who instantly noticed one another and gained mutual crushes. Fortunately for the two of them before a fight could break out between both sides, the Puppet intervened and forced all of them to pull back to their respective residences within the pizzeria, disbelieving that something so serious had actually been started.


After Freddy had been tortured by Golden Freddy for his failure to orchestrate a successful strike against the opposing side, Foxy was given further reason to believe that he was on the wrong side of the fight and stormed off in a fit of anger, expressing a desire from afar to be able to join up with the Puppet. Having been spotted observing Foxy while he had gone out to try and attack the night guard, Golden Freddy went to order the also-present Chica to go and dispose of Mangle. Confronting her in the women's restroom to do exactly that, Chica managed to badly injure her, but attracted the attention of Foxy while doing so and made herself unable to finish Mangle off. Foxy then rebelled against Golden Freddy, attacking Chica and joining with the Puppet so he could be with Mangle.


Knowing of this occurrence, Golden Freddy cut Foxy off and forbid his return when he attempted to return to the Parts & Service room, breaking his jaw and knocking him unconscious. This drew the attention of Bonnie, who went to go check up on his friend and was then accused of having been the one to hurt Foxy when Mangle stumbled upon the two. In her misguidance, she then attacked Bonnie and engaged in a brief fight with him, only for them to be split apart by Foxy after he had woken back up. Mangle relented when he non-verbally informed her that Bonnie was not responsible, and the two old characters regretfully parted ways with one another soon afterward. Regardless of this setback, Golden Freddy did not give up and continued to plot against the Puppet while Foxy was over on the other side.

["TRAP" - PARTS 1 AND 2]

Bonnie, shown in the next episode (which introduced subtitled but non-speaking dialogue to make things more coherent) to have been remorseful for his hostility up until this point, later attempted to explain to Freddy and Chica why Foxy had left them, only to be cut off by an unexpectedly appearing Golden Freddy who left briefly after checking up on the crew.

Going to the men's restroom after his departure, Golden Freddy met up with the Phantom form of Spring Bonnie (who he had been spotted conversing with by Freddy in the previous episode) and discussed the continuation of their "plan" in spite of Foxy's absence, revealing that he was aware of Bonnie's inner conflict and was contemplating what to do about the potential problem that could arise from it. Spring Bonnie suggested that he take complete control of Bonnie and use him to pick off the Puppet's crew one by one, claiming that Golden Freddy would be the only one capable of releasing him from the trance and thereby make Bonnie unable to be reasoned. Spring Bonnie then disappeared and left Golden Freddy to his work.

While Foxy went to consult the Puppet about his broken jaw with most of the other Toy animatronics using their time in a leisurely manner, Toy Chica decided to confront the night guard on her own and left herself vulnerable to Bonnie, who was now under Golden Freddy's control and sent to take her out. Golden Freddy did most of the work and incapacitated Toy Chica while she had been attempting to make it to the Office via the vents, but then ordered Bonnie to finish the job and destroy her. Soon, Springtrap's earlier claim was disproved and Bonnie refrained from killing Toy Chica, instead turning on Golden Freddy and knocking him away from Toy Chica's proximity when he realized what he was doing.

Urging her to run away to avoid further harm, Bonnie ended up in a scuffle with Golden Freddy when he got back up and was beaten in the fight due to his missing left arm. Unwilling to leave Bonnie behind, Toy Chica ended up returning to come to Bonnie's defense in the party room where the fight was happening while Golden Freddy attempted to figure out how Bonnie managed to regain control of himself. He was then taken by surprise by Toy Chica and once again subdued, forced to retreat under the unfavorable circumstances. Feeling sympathy for his situation, Toy Chica tried to convince Bonnie to join up with the Puppet to no eventual avail, the latter being implied to be afraid of what Golden Freddy would do if he were to switch sides. Returning to the Toy animatronics' residence in the main area of the pizzeria, Toy Chica met with Foxy and noted his fixed jaw, withholding the details of the "sounds from the corridor" that he heard and asked Toy Chica about when she returned.

Now increasingly frustrated with his own failures, Golden Freddy didn't take long to make another comeback and followed Spring Bonnie's advice (after having a short encounter with him following the fight with Bonnie), cornering Toy Chica once more and trying to finish her off himself. Hearing the commotion and rushing to the scene, Bonnie managed to get between Golden Freddy and Toy Chica just as the former was going to kill her, becoming further damaged in the process and being separated from his waist. Once more, Golden Freddy was forced to pull back, and the Puppet came by to check up on the area only to be met by Spring Bonnie. The two of them are shown to be conversing after an apparent past encounter in which the Puppet mentions how Spring Bonnie is still searching for revenge even after being turned into a phantom by having his endoskeleton removed (which again is contradictory on Zajcu's part as this is never properly explained; the Puppet was never shown to be present when this event took place at Fredbear's Family Diner, nor could he be since he was only introduced when the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was established), leaving the two to part ways after Spring Bonnie declared that he would soon be tangible again in order to attain vengeance on his own.

Left alone once again, the Puppet enlisted the aid of Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Foxy to provide medical attention to the severely-wounded Bonnie, requesting that Toy Chica let them work in peace so that she didn't have to worry herself over Bonnie's condition in the meantime. When the group's work was finished, the Puppet allowed Toy Chica to see a now repaired (not fully, as his arm and face are still missing) but unconscious Bonnie, who thanked him and voiced her wish for him to wake up soon.

That is where the origins of Toy Chica's later relationship with Bonnie can be seen.

This event also left Golden Freddy to only have Chica and Freddy left on his side afterwards.

["TRAP" - PART 3]

Not wanting Toy Chica to continue wallowing in despair after finding out from Toy Bonnie that she was still by Bonnie's side while he was in a coma, Foxy ended up going to her where he explained that the Toy animatronics couldn't fully repair him because they lacked the parts to do so, after she had asked why they were unable to in the first place. He then invited her to come watch him and Balloon Boy eliminate the night guard to get her spirits up.

Accepting the invitation and going to watch the two do the job, Toy Chica wasn't able to watch for long before suddenly being victimized by Chica (who is later shown to have been taken over completely by Golden Freddy), expressing inherent anger towards her new counterpart for stealing her place on the Show Stage and forcing them to engage in a brutal battle. After Bonnie woke up from his coma, he warned Foxy- who also rallies the assistance of Toy Bonnie- about the danger Toy Chica was in after telling him that he had a dream about this very moment and they went to help her, allowing her to sneak in a decisive blow against Chica while she was distracted by the others. Taken to the Puppet after the fight was finally finished, Chica was freed from Golden Freddy's control and joined with the other side after showing her gratitude for being liberated.

Freddy- the only one left siding with Golden Freddy (though showing an implication that he too is conflicted about his standing in the war between the two sides), was soon ordered to go and check up on the Puppet's crew, but it didn't take long for him to be distracted by his task when he came upon visions of the future while venturing through the pizzeria. Led by a mysterious voice after passing out from his distress and entering a dream state, Freddy was shown images of discerning events that would eventually come to pass, continuing to be led along until he finally arrived at the Office and met with Shadow Freddy. Explaining that he was chosen to be the one to be warned about forthcoming times, Shadow Freddy revealed to Freddy the truth of how he and the others had been put out of service (after being led to believe that the Puppet carried out the sabotage), and seemingly concluded the war by being the last one to finally join up with the other side after he woke up.

Spring Bonnie came to Golden Freddy in the Parts & Service room while everyone else celebrated the seeming victory (with the Puppet warning Toy Bonnie that the dispute was in fact not over yet), enraged at the depletion of their forces and believing that there was no more for them to be done in order to win. However, he was then confused by Golden Freddy after he revealed that he had one last ace in the hole, having retrieved Spring Bonnie's lost exoskeleton and now planning on retrieving his endoskeleton in order to fully see through their desire for revenge.


In the finale, Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie put their next plan into action and vanished from the Parts & Service room just as the Puppet and the old animatronics set out to try and finish things once and for all on their own, leaving them to back off for now and resort to their original schedule for the next night that involved them all combining forces to take out the new night guard. While they were moving about all throughout the building, Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie went through the box in which the Puppet resided in and stole the endoskeleton (which originally belonged to Spring Bonnie) hidden inside, returning to the Parts & Service room so that Spring Bonnie could regain his original form. However, this was not the actual plan that Golden Freddy had in mind; with much sorrow, he instead sealed Spring Bonnie inside the empty exoskeleton- who vehemently vowed revenge just before he was trapped- and broke apart the endoskeleton to receive his power (as can be inferred, since this isn't properly explained by Zajcu) and finally become strong enough to take on the Puppet's crew all at once.

While Golden Freddy prepared to initiate his last attack, Toy Freddy ended up stumbling upon the Puppet while he was discussing the subject matter of the Toy animatronics with Freddy. Having been asked why the Toy animatronics were given life in the first place, the Puppet revealed to Freddy that they were made so that they could later sacrifice themselves in order to save the old crew, causing Toy Freddy to become angered that he and his friends had been left in the dark and isolate himself from the others so he could contemplate the discovery more carefully. On the other hand, Toy Chica used her time to bond in a more friendly manner with Chica and in a more affectionate manner with Bonnie, attempting to kindle something between him and herself but unable to do so when the latter responded by telling her that someone like him could never start something with someone like her. The two simply rested with one another in the end while Foxy and Mangle looked on from afar with support, and soon afterward, Golden Freddy finally came out of hiding to start the last battle.

First incapacitating the night guard so he could not interfere with his task, Golden Freddy then lured the entire team into a room while the Puppet had gone out on his own to investigate what was happening, trapping them inside with some of the arcade machines using his new-found powers so they too would not get in his way while he went to go deal with the Puppet first.

Pleading for Golden Freddy to join up with him and not start any violence, the Puppet was eventually forced to grapple with him when he remained defiant and insisted that he would finally have his vengeance on everyone for their betrayal, having become completely misguided by his desire to avenge Spring Bonnie's gruesome fate. After a long fight between the two, Golden Freddy managed to overpower the Puppet and disabled him entirely, the crew having broken out of their own predicament far too late to save him. Seeking to take his hatred out on the old animatronics afterward, many of the Toy animatronics intervened with a powerful attack by Golden Freddy and fulfilled the Puppet's prophecy, being killed and thus saving the old crew while Mangle went to go murder the earlier knocked-out night guard under Shadow Freddy's control (another plot hole, in which this detail's significance is never elaborated on; however, it can be assumed that this was Zajcu's take on the Bite of '87), becoming disabled shortly afterward along with every other animatronic that was still alive once the 6 A.M. bell chimed.

Years later, the old animatronics woke up at the second Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (the location from the first game), confused by their updated appearances and eventually coming to the conclusion that they had been moved to another location. Foxy's immediate instinct was to find out what happened to Mangle, and after being told by the others what had happened to her, he broke out into a fit of anguish that awoke Golden Freddy and also made him curious about his surroundings. While he discovered that Spring Bonnie's body had been moved to the new location and also found the salvaged parts of the Toy animatronics, the other characters spent their time in sadness over the loss of their friends, Foxy and Bonnie being the most distraught seeing as they had been closely knit with two of the victims of Golden Freddy's lone assault at the previous pizzeria.

Overcome with anguish himself and looking to atone for his mistakes, Golden Freddy confronted the old characters and apologized for what he had done, then explained the motivations for his aggressive actions back in the last location: having been best friends with Spring Bonnie back at Fredbear's Family Diner, he had become resentful when the two of them were put out of business in favor of the old characters for the sake of more diversity and to revive a dying business. Both of them were stripped for parts, but Spring Bonnie had suffered the worst of it, having his entire endoskeleton removed and no longer being able to function as a regular animatronic. When they were all moved to the second location, Golden Freddy was consumed by sorrow after finding he was only able to bring his friend back in the form of a ghost, immensely saddened by his loss and looking to find redemption for him by any means necessary.

Becoming understanding of what he had done, the old crew forgave Golden Freddy, who then used what power he had to bring the Puppet back to life. When he saw what was left of the Toy animatronics after also forgiving Golden Freddy, he set to work and repaired all of their friends, allowing both Foxy and Mangle and Bonnie and Toy Chica to reunite at long last. Stage positions for the Toy animatronics and a new resting place for the Puppet were made later on while Bonnie noted to himself that the next day would be his birthday, launching the events of Season 1 that bridge the gap between Seasons 2 and 3.

Season 3

Season 3 sees Springtrap's awakening in the second pizzeria, and eventually moves the location over to Fazbear's Fright.


On one particular day following Freddy's nightmare about Spring Bonnie, Toy Bonnie went through multiple incidences where bad luck caused him to blunder everything he did and unfortunately inconvenience his fellow crew members while doing so. After having turned down her earlier offer and then experiencing more unpleasant fowl-ups afterward, he went back to Toy Chica in search of a way to get rid of his bad luck and received an item from her which did exactly what he was looking for, making him go back to thank her by means of an unexpected hug. Having been seen by Bonnie- whom Toy Chica is now in a relationship with- he misinterpreted the show of gratitude for unwarranted intimacy and stormed off angrily, to which Toy Chica gave desperate chase in order to explain what had really happened.


In the meantime, Chica attempted to enter the kitchen only to realize it was locked, finding out that Golden Freddy had shut himself inside for an unknown reason. After having arrived to find out what was happening, Freddy entered the kitchen by travelling through the vents and confronted Golden Freddy to figure out why he was so troubled, making the latter respond with irritation and tell him that the reason was none of Freddy's business before disappearing. From the inside, Freddy unlocked the door and let Chica in, informing her that he wasn't able to figure out what was making Golden Freddy so upset when she asked what was wrong.

Elsewhere, with Toy Chica having just been shoved off by Bonnie after trying to console him, Mangle went to go meet with her by the Show Stage and asked her what had gotten her so down, making her confess that Bonnie wouldn't talk to her because of what had happened earlier. After having it suggested to her by Mangle that she go give him a gift, Toy Chica went to ask for help from Chica to make a cake for Bonnie to have, which the latter begrudgingly accepted (due to her own crush on Bonnie, which is subtly displayed in both of the previous seasons). While the two of them were working on it, Toy Bonnie approached Toy Chica again in order to apologize for causing her problems, which was again something which Bonnie happened to see and made him even more irritated, thinking that Toy Chica was beginning to see Toy Bonnie behind his back.

When the kitchen was vacated later on, Freddy used the space to practice a particular discussion scenario by himself, revealing that he likes her and was attempting to muster up the courage to be able to admit his feelings for her. While in the middle of it, Balloon Boy and JJ dropped in on his failing rehearsal and found out about his love for Chica, seeing that what he was trying to do was currently unsuccessful and leaving JJ to decide that she would help him out. In the meanwhile, Toy Chica went to Bonnie to deliver the finished cake to him in order to apologize for making him upset, but he violently rejected it when he revealed to her that he saw her again with Toy Bonnie and called her "pathetic" for presumably seeing someone else behind his back. He only became regretful about his actions when he saw how hurt it made Toy Chica, who ran off crying because of what had been said to her.

As this was happening, down in the basement below, Spring Bonnie was shown finally waking up from his slumber.


At a further point, with Chica by herself and contemplating whether or not she had a chance with Bonnie now that he was at odds with Toy Chica, Freddy lingered outside for a bit with Balloon Boy and JJ and voiced his uncertainty of if it would be a good idea to talk to her now. However, the latter two urged him that there was no point in him running away, and he soon managed to work up the confidence to finally go and speak to her. Conversing with her for a bit and ultimately getting down to the question of if she would be his girlfriend, the results ended somewhat poorly; Chica told him that she would have to think about it and indirectly rejected him, leaving Freddy to go and vent his disappointment to Toy Freddy who told the former to give her some time to come around.

Afterward, Shadow Freddy paid a visit to Freddy to warn him about the imminent threat that was Spring Bonnie, knowing that the latter had gotten a nightmare about him and telling him that Golden Freddy also needed to be informed so he could take care of the matter on his own. At the same time, Bonnie went to go give Toy Chica a gift and tried to apologize to her for his earlier actions, but left her to her own devices when he found that she wouldn't respond to him.

Then, Golden Freddy experienced an abrupt mental breakdown when he heard Spring Bonnie speaking to him in his head, his old friend knowing that while he was too weak to be able to move about on his own as of present, Golden Freddy would still "come right to him" and allow the two of them to talk once again for the first time in several years (a detail that is later shown to be flawed).


Brought to the kitchen so he could recuperate with Freddy and the Puppet waiting for him to wake up, the two forced Golden Freddy to confess what was on his mind when he finally got up, confirming Shadow Freddy's warning about Spring Bonnie's awakening and admitting that he was distressed because he didn't know how to handle the situation appropriately. Under Shadow Freddy's repeated guidance, Freddy let Golden Freddy know that the issue was his own to deal with and that no one else could get in the way of the feud between the old friends, leaving him to think more about how he was going to deal with his former partner.

Meanwhile, Chica went to go visit Bonnie by the Show Stage and asked him if there was anything wrong, seeing how distraught he was and seeking to try and start a conversation between the two of them. But after he declined that there was anything bothering him, Chica realized that what she was trying to do was wrong and was soon reminded of her earlier encounter with Freddy, knowing then that she had made a mistake which had hurt her friend and leaving Bonnie by himself when she did so she too could be alone to ponder. However, Bonnie didn't remain in one place for long; wanting justice for what had torn him and Toy Chica apart, he eventually confronted Toy Bonnie backstage and demanded that he stop seeing his girlfriend. In the end, he relented regretfully when Toy Bonnie strongly insisted that he'd only been thanking her for stopping any further misfortune from coming to him, the conversation between the two of them being interrupted when Toy Chica dropped by and told Bonnie that she no longer recognized him (because of how he'd been acting) while Toy Bonnie left with irritation at the couple for dragging him into their mess.

With that having taken place, Golden Freddy finally made his decision and retrieved a fire axe from backstage an hour later and went down to the basement to confront Spring Bonnie, having a discussion with him in which the latter found out that he'd been trapped inside his own costume for several years and noted how he'd only been able to move because Foxy had stuffed a dead night guard into it (something which isn't properly explained). He also revealed that he was aware of how Golden Freddy had made new acquaintances with the rest of the characters, leading Golden Freddy to admit his guilt personally for what he had done and asking for him to join the rest of them so the two could be friends once more. Spring Bonnie seemed to hint at an underlying wish to be able to do that when he said "I remember Puppet spoke these words to you", but ultimately he refused to do so and claimed that who Golden Freddy was referring to was dead, now referring to himself with the name of "Springtrap" and declaring his goal to destroy his old friend and the rest of his crew. Knowing for certain from this that he was too far gone for him to try and save, Golden Freddy attempted to kill Springtrap with his weapon only to be overpowered by him after a hidden Shadow Freddy granted him the ability to move completely again (which, as mentioned earlier, is a flawed detail since it's implied that Springtrap doesn't actually know of Shadow Freddy's presence whenever he interacts with him and leaving the unanswered question of how Springtrap knew that this was going to happen in the first place), knocking Golden Freddy unconscious and keeping him tied up in the basement while he left to go after his friends.


As this was taking place, Foxy had decided to go to the kitchen and found with shock that Chica was there preoccupying herself by making and boxing a large amount of pizza, prompting him to ask what she was doing and noticing that she seemed off. At first, she insisted that she didn't want to talk, but after further prodding from Foxy she confessed that she realized that there was "someone else" she had hurt by not acknowledging their emotions while she was so busy thinking about Bonnie. Foxy immediately knew that she was referring to Freddy, and hammered the point home even further for her by telling her how long he had been preparing to try and talk with her only for him to have his heart broken by her.

Afterwards, while Toy Chica kept to herself in the women's restroom, she received an unexpected visit from Springtrap and was quickly knocked out by him. He tried to kill her once he had done so, but was stopped by Shadow Freddy who ordered him not to do that and keep everyone he came across alive, prompting him to move on to Mangle next and take her as a hostage after wounding her.

Some time passed before both Bonnie and Foxy noticed Toy Chica and Mangle's disappearances respectively, and they went in a panic to go and report their absences to Freddy who then called upon everyone to search the entire pizzeria for their missing friends. One by one, the group was picked off while they were out looking on their own till only Freddy and Chica were left, Springtrap taking a short break to go and visit Golden Freddy while the last two left standing continued to search for everyone who had suddenly vanished. When the two old friends met with one another once again, Golden Freddy became angry when Springtrap had showed him all the people he had managed to dispose of, but the latter made it clear that he hadn't killed any of them and that they were all still alive. As he left to go deal with the rest, Golden Freddy made it clear that he wouldn't allow him to succeed while he was still present, to which Springtrap simply scoffed before making his way back up to the pizzeria's ground level.

Backstage, Chica tried to grab Freddy's attention and told him that she wanted to talk to him, but was disheartened even further by her previous actions when he shrugged her off and told her that he didn't have time to do so right now. Eventually adamant on getting him to listen, she declared a supposed love for him and managed to distract Freddy for just a moment, who acknowledged what she had said but hadn't yet accepted it and told her to think about what she really felt before they had a more detailed conversation about the topic. Leaving the room afterwards once the matter was settled, Freddy asked Chica to go and have a look at the restrooms while he waited outside, leaving them both open to attack since they were no longer close together.

Downstairs, Shadow Freddy- now proven at this point to be manipulating certain events from both sides for a goal that had once been unknown- silently released Golden Freddy's restraints and watched unnoticed as he knelt by the remains of his friends, becoming further agitated by Springtrap's merciless agenda and quickly heading up to settle things once and for all. He hadn't been able to arrive in time to save the last two characters, though; before he could arrive, Springtrap incapacitated Chica with his axe just as she was returning and then bent Freddy's jaw out of shape, having taken care of everyone and now declaring that he would have his revenge. Having his attention pulled towards Golden Freddy after being attacked with one half of the broken endoskeleton that had been used to gain his full power, the two engaged in a fight after Golden Freddy stated that he now recognized that there was no longer any choice for him but to bring him down. Despite having his right foot cleaved off by the hatchet, Golden Freddy ended up doing enough damage to Springtrap during the battle that left him at his mercy for a final blow, but this also in turn caused Golden Freddy to hesitate as he got a good look of who was in front of him and was reminded of Spring Bonnie back when he had been whole. Finding that he was unable to bring any further harm to Springtrap, he was left open to a cut from his hatchet that killed him, leaving Springtrap victorious in that moment before the 6 A.M. bell chimed and caused him to become disabled.

Years after the shutdown of the second pizzeria, Fazbear's Fright was opened and Springtrap awoke once placed there to find himself in an entirely unfamiliar setting, angered that he was still trapped and accidentally bringing Chica back to life in the form of a Phantom during his outburst. At the same time, Bonnie awoke in another room at the same general location.

In the episode that follows, it can be noted that there are a great amount of plot issues involved that make the story even less understandable.


Looking around and finding the remains of his friends, he became incredibly worried when he saw that Toy Chica was in the worst state out of all of them, seeing that most of her exoskeleton had been destroyed and getting her to wake up using a strange new power that he had received. She too woke up and saw her incredibly damaged state, informing Bonnie that Springtrap was the one responsible for it when he asked who had brought it upon her (which makes no sense, since he only broke her eyes in the last episode and hadn't done anything more to her than that before having malfunctioned due to the bell chime) and having to hold him back when he tried to head out to find and pay him back. Toy Chica told him that Springtrap was far too powerful for them to be taking on at this point early on, then collapsed back to the floor after having stood up for a bit and told him that she was too weak to be able to do anything. Telling her not to worry and that he'd wake the others up using his revival ability, Bonnie did just that but found that he couldn't wake up Chica before soon passing out due to an implied stress caused by his situation.

Outside, Springtrap spent his time wandering throughout the building in search of an exit, examining the Phantoms that he had created along the way but ultimately dismissing them so he could try and find out how to leave.

Meanwhile in Bonnie's sub-conscience, he was visited by Golden Freddy and found out indirectly that the reason why he had gained his earlier power was because the former had hid his soul in his head after having his physical form destroyed, also stating that Springtrap wasn't aware of the fact that he was still living on. Deciding at that moment to inquire who Springtrap was, unfamiliar with the name despite having it told to him by Toy Chica earlier, Golden Freddy explained to Bonnie that Springtrap had once gone by the name of "Spring Bonnie" and was such a close friend to the point where he considered him a brother but that he no longer existed because of his eventual desire to eradicate everything.

Not wanting to dwell on the topic for too long, Golden Freddy asked for confirmation that Bonnie had in fact been able to wake up his friends, to which the latter replied by saying that there were some he couldn't wake up. Golden Freddy told him that those who hadn't woken up had already been reached by Springtrap, and that they were now Phantoms that were under his control. Bestowing the task of recovering their friends' memories from their forced amnesia upon Bonnie, he told him what he needed to do to recover them and that Golden Freddy would be the one to take care of Springtrap once the crew was reunited.

Bonnie decided afterward to bring up the matter of Toy Chica's disabled state, and Golden Freddy revealed that she was in fact dying because of her lack of a complete costume (something which doesn't make sense because the endoskeleton should be able to function just fine without the costume, given the animatronics' anatomy) and would be beyond recovery if she was not repaired by the next morning. Noting that there were most likely spare costumes somewhere in the building just like in the last two locations, Golden Freddy let Bonnie know that he had to "act quickly" and left his sub-conscience so that he could wake up again. Letting Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie know that he was alright and explaining the situation with Toy Chica to them once he got up, Bonnie paired up Toy Bonnie and JJ to go to the night guard's office to keep Springtrap occupied while he and Toy Freddy went to go look for a spare costume for Toy Chica. During that same moment, Shadow Freddy made a reappearance and altered Springtrap's mind so that he would by instinct follow the voice of a child once it was made.

Soon afterward, Springtrap caught Bonnie and Toy Freddy sneaking through the halls and set out to try and put them down for good, but was quickly distracted by Balloon Boy's voice over the loudspeakers thanks to JJ and Toy Bonnie, allowing the other two to gain access into the room where they found a costume for Toy Chica being kept. Their triumph was cut short when they realized what kind of costume was actually inside, however; Toy Freddy delivered the news to Bonnie and explained that the costume was actually a prototype version for Toy Chica's look that was meant to be used in the last pizzeria but never was, and that the two of them had the choice of either going with that one or risking their cover for an even longer period of time so that they could find her actual costume. Deciding that more searching wasn't worth the risk against an enemy much stronger than them, Bonnie told Toy Freddy to take the costume with them and went back to Toy Bonnie and JJ, waiting outside the office while they fixed Toy Chica.

When she woke up, Toy Chica was immediately dissatisfied with her new appearance but forced herself to at least tolerate it when JJ explained that it had helped to keep her alive, going to see Bonnie and Toy Freddy and voicing her hope to be able to find her old costume soon. Discarding the destroyed helmet of her old one, an odd presence emitted from it and travelled towards Shadow Freddy in another area of the building, allowing him to receive an updated form for his right hand that reveals that part of the motivation of his actions up to now has been so he could gain the "Nightmare" form as seen in the fourth game (a plot detail which will hopefully be explained later on so that his method for doing so is easier to understand than it is now).


Toy Chica, woke up and went to Toy Bonnie, however Toy Bonnie was very busy so Toy Chica removed her beak and attacked Toy Bonnie, who was busy distracting Springtrap. Toy Bonnie told Toy Chica that Springtrap can be distracted by a noise which is clicked by a button, and warned Toy Chica that the corridors are dangerous.

Toy Chica saw Toy Freddy, who does nothing as usual. After that, Toy Chica went to find Bonnie and saw him outside. Bonnie apologized to Toy Chica for believing she was in a relationship with Toy Bonnie. Bonnie (who has the power to retrieve one phantom), doesn't know who to choose. Toy Chica told him to try the Puppet since the Puppet always helped them.

Springtrap with Phantom Freddy beside him realizes he's been following the noise, doesn't know what to do. Phantom Freddy saw a hallucination, and fell. Springtrap asked Phantom Freddy what happened; Phantom Freddy answered him then broke the device. Springtrap felt amazed and told the phantoms to destroy the equipment.

Bonnie and Toy Chica felt happy that they are outside for the first time. Afterwards, Toy Chica told Bonnie that she feels strange as if she isn't being controlled anymore. Shadow Freddy spied them above the roof, and realizes everything goes according to the plan (a plot detail that will be explained anytime). The phantoms, who broke the equipment assisted Springtrap and they met Bonnie, Toy Chica and BB. Bonnie who will touch Phantom Puppet but touched Phantom Chica instead, went in her mind, Bonnie woke up and saw Toy Chica and Chica during the events of Trap 2.


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