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Jonathon 'John' Morin (born March 24, 1999 (1999-03-24) [age 18]), known also as ZexyZek or Zek, is an American Gaming YouTuber. He has over a million subscribers and is best known for his trolling videos. John started creating videos at the age of 9. He lived in New Hampshire when he first started doing his videos.



John launched his YouTube channel on June 18, 2012. He posted a series of videos, but deleted them becuase they were "unorganized" and "didn't have a purpose, only to upload a video"; His oldest current video was posted on July 26, 2012, a review for the "Sphax PureBD Craft" Texture Pack for Minecraft.

His next few videos, all Minecraft-based, included How-To Videos, minigames, and Mod Reviews. On August 17, 2012, Morin began his long-lasting series and the pinnacle of his YouTube channel, "Minecraft Trolling", where he would go around his server and many others "trolling" players using a variety of Server Plugins (including Vanishing so the player can't see him in the process), usually ending his episodes disguising as Minecraft villain Herobrine. Though scaring and confusing the player in the process, he undoes all damage he causes during the video (unless the victim is a hacker, in which he bans them instead), and gives the player diamonds as a reward. This is usually done off-camera, though Morin revealed himself doing it upon request from fans on Episode 68 in the series.

The Trolling series was the primary reason for Morin's success on YouTube. After One Year, he had over 100,000 subscribers. Throughout his career, he began doing videos with A-List Minecraft YouTubers such as SCGBarbarien, AntVenom, Gizzy14Gizza, Bodil40, and many others; most of these videos were ZexyZek's Minecraft Game Show "The Showdown", which involved two Minecraft YouTubers competeting in a bunch of Minecraft Trivia and Minigames.

Throughout YouTube, Morin had a bunch of other series, usually done with his friend Ryan "Swiggity Wiggity", including the Walking Dead Mod Pack and a series of parodies. For each 100,000 subscriber milemarker (with the excpetion of the 2,500,000 special), John would make a live video with his friends and create skits and activities based on suggestions from fans

On February 27, 2014, Morin privated most of his trolling videos and posted a seven minute video explaining he will no longer continue trolling. Earlier, John noticed the Minecraft EULA stated "trolling" is not allowed in the game. He contacted Mojang asking if this was true, and they confirmed yes. Despite Morin asking his fans not to petition to get the series back online as he claimed he would just discover new material, many fans blackmailed Markus Persson "Notch", the creator of Minecraft, as well as many other officials from Mojang. Persson ignored the issue at first wanting to calm down, but then asked the head of the EULA to change "trolling" to "griefing" as Morin does not actually grief (because he reinstates all the victims items in the end), and people like Morin are what make Minecraft Minecraft. The series was reinstated, all past trolling videos became public, and Morin resumed his series. That summer, his channel reached 1,000,000 subscribers.

In May 2015, John uploaded a video that his parents have split and is using an apartment he rented as a studio, so he can stay with his mother and use a PC and stay with his father and use his normal Mac.

On November 21, 2015, Morin posted his last trolling video part of his original series. He attempted to restart the series as "Minecraft Trolling 2.0" on January 26, 2016, but only one video was posted. That April, he claimed he's discontinuing the series because he feels like he has to make the videos rather than doing it for fun. Since his series ended, Morin's channel gradually began losing subcribers. To gain subscribers Morin began starting new series', including Minecraft Helping (which ended up being trolling), but none lasted more than two videos.

On Christmas 2016, John claimed he's restarting his trolling series again based upon request. He began this series on January 14, 2017, though there is no active schedule for his uploads.

Since December 2015, Morin has been posting a series of real-life skits with his friends. His initial plan was to put all his gaming videos on his second channel, ZexyZekPlays, while ZexyZek was devoted to sketches with his friends. He changed ZexyZek to his legal name, though it has since been changed back and all his gaming videos resume on his main channel, leaving ZexyZekPlays inactive.


ZexyZekPlays was launched on August 4, 2014 as a channel where John would post gaming videos that weren't Minecraft related. Beginning December 2015, all of his gaming videos would be uploaded to that channel, however, as of January 19, 2016, the channel has remained inactive and all of Morin's gaming returned to his main channel.


ZexyZekTV was launched on December 31, 2012, just a few months after Morin started his original channel, as a vlog channel where most of his videos included him opening fan mail. As of June 29, 2014, this channel remains inactive.

Alternate Accounts

These are John's alternate and past IGN's. Keep an eye out for them

  • TekZek and Zek - John's names before he changed to ZexyZek.
  • DailyTroll
  • iMiNiLuzzions - (Trolled Friend in Episode 97)
  • Kittykat9119
  • SkythekidRSYolo - (Episode 44 of Trolling)
  • Tiarnach14
  • zpruT
  • DrSeuss


Some of John's friends that appear regularly in his videos

  • Ryan Bellrose (Rybellion)
  • Nicky (iSlim)
  • John (from "How is it like to be ZexyZek?" and others)
  • Ryan Wiggity (rwigs24 or SwiggityWiggity)
  • Patrick (MCFrabin or Frabin)
  • Ricky (Appears in some of Zek's subscriber specials and vlogs)
  • Davdav45 (Appears in some of Zek's main Trolling videos!)


  • He has over 100 trolling videos on his main channel right now and is highly known for it.
  • He is known for having started, but not finishing specific series' on his channel due to his fans not enjoying them.
  • He was one of the first YouTubers to play 60 Seconds.
  • He went to Arcadia Con 2015.
  • He started his first role play series named "The Apocalypse" on September 30, 2015.
  • He revived the series "The Crafting Dead" on October 8, 2015 (2 years after abandoning the series on August 11, 2013)
  • ZexyZek has done a video with every A-List Minecraft YouTuber except SkyDoesMinecraft.
  • He does skits that him and his friends Nicky and Ryan put together for weekend entertainment.
  • He has a schedule to ensure that he is doing the correct videos on the correct days.
  • As of May 10, 2015 Zek has purchased his studio and stepped inside to show the viewers it for the first time. Along many months of hard work, his decorated studio is almost complete.
  • His favorite trolls are ones where he pretends to be the fictional character Herobrine.
  • His trolling series was temporarily cancelled by Mojang, but was personally revived by the creator of Minecraft himself, all in under two weeks.
  • John annouced that he would be ending Minecraft Trolling on April 5, 2016 due to no interest in trolling. Due to this, lots of people from his fanbase decided to leave hate comments and started to unsubscribe from his channel because they only subscribed for the trolling.
  • ZexyZek released a video titled 'R.I.P ZexyZek', which includes a short video at the start and then him talking about his channel. After this video went live, he changed his account name to John Morin.
  • The theme song for his videos is "Sick Bubblegum" a Skrillex remix originally performed by death metal artist Rob Zombie.


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