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ZexyZek in Real Life
Profile: ZexyZek
Twitter: @Zexyzek
Facebook: N/A
Other Media: Instagram


Style: Gaming
Date Joined: June 18, 2012
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1.2 Million+*
Videos: 430+
Schedule: 1 video per day
Status: Active
Channel Trailer
1,000,000 Subscriber Special13:07

1,000,000 Subscriber Special

Most Viewed Video
♪ "Running Out of Time" A Minecraft Song Parody of "Say Something" ♪04:12

♪ "Running Out of Time" A Minecraft Song Parody of "Say Something" ♪

John Morin known on Youtube as ZexyZek or Zek, is a Minecraft YouTuber that is very well known with over a million subscribers. He is famous for his trolling videos, where he goes on multiplayer servers and spawns mobs, disguises as Herobrine and generally scares the players. However he fixes any damage after the fact with backups and gifts for the person he trolled. Because he is a good guy and doesn't want to be a "Griefer".

In March 2014, John noticed a mention of trolling in the EULA and contacted Lydia at Mojang, who said his trolling had to stop, saying trolling was not permitted. John then released a now private video showing him emotionally telling his audience that his trolling had to stop.

Many people spammed and flooded the developers with comments of despair and hate. Notch however saw the sense of John's videos where he restores everything and gives the person gifts, and released a comment on his blog to his followers where he announed that his trolling could continue. 

Alternate Accounts

These are John's alternate IGN's. Keep an eye out for them

ZexyZek's Skin



  • TekZek - John's name before he changed
  • DailyTroll
  • iMiNiLuzzions - (Trolled Friend in Episode 97)
  • Kittykat9119
  • SkythekidRSYolo - (Episode 44 of Trolling)
  • Tiarnach14
  • zpruT

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