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Ovidius (born 10th March, 2001), known on YouTube as Zip Zap, is a German-born American YouTuber from Giessen, Germany, who makes commentary, rant, and music videos. Like LeafyIsHere, who is one of his main inspirations, most of his videos are satirical.

Ovidius's content is usually based around the Sonic The Hedgehog fanbase, but also revolves around DeviantArt and its people.

Ovidius currently has over 3,000 subscribers since 19th August 2016.


The Zip Zap account was originally called Alphonse The Uprising, which was accidentally created through a YouTube glitch in 2014 from its parent account TrackmaniaStudios. The account would only be used for trolling from the time it was created up until about early 2015. This was when Ovidius became interested in YouTube commentaries and rants, more specifically the ones that involved DeviantArt drama.

On March 2016, Ovidius heavily revises this account, which is now renamed Zip Zap. The reason why is because on his DeviantArt account, he announced that he will be doing a series on reviewing fan characters and original characters. However, at the same time, a user on DeviantArt named Petergriffinislove (better known as Manglenn) indirectly mentions him in a conversation; Zip Zap would retaliate by making a rant video on him, exposing him of pedophilia. The video quickly became popular after gaining 10,000 views within the first week of it being up, and began to spread from not just DeviantArt, but other social media such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and a forum known for exposing people like Manglenn called Kiwi Farms. Zip Zap earned +450 subscribers from that video alone. The current progress on Zip Zap's fan character review series remains unknown.

Video style

Before the start of his videos, a copyright disclaimer is briefly shown before it fades to white, revealing a specific word related to the video and definining it. After that, a short 1-minute intro would be shown that's also related to the topic, ending with a humorous comment. The video finally begins with Ovidius introducing himself with these quotes, "Hello everyone, and welcome back to another electrifying video!", then restates the topic of the video. These videos will usually last between 5 to 20 minutes, usually with a running gag and other comedic elements added. At the end of a video, Zip Zap suggests the viewer to subscribe to them for future content, and where applicable, subscribe to a channel who made the gameplay that's shown in the video. He then signs out of the video with scrolling credits.


  • Zip Zap has more subscribers than his primary account, TrackmaniaStudios.

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