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Zylbrad's current YouTube profile picture, also made by HDDRAW (Again, hopefully it's him, just from my memory)

Zylbrad mains Bastion and Ni Hao's in Overwatch, that's all you need to know.

Quick info

Zylbrad is an Australian YouTuber who mainly plays Overwatch with his "Crew". He also has a certified board license in Ni Hao

More info

Zylbrad is an Australian YouTuber who mainly plays Overwatch with his "Crew". His crew is currently called "HorseNoose", also known as Team HorseNoose. Zylbrad's crew includes people like Bazza Gazza, Mr. Meta Meme, Blaruethezebra, Skid, Jardy Morcombe, and other awesome people. All of the people mentioned above, have YouTube channels going by those names. Zylbrad started his YouTube channel on the 14th of January 2016, he uploaded his first video on the  16th of January 2016. He started off YouTube doing CS: GO videos, but not long after he started playing Overwatch, also doing videos of Overwatch. Zylbrad confirmed that he is 20 years old. Zylbrad's channel absolutely blew up with his Overwatch videos, and Zylbrad has been receiving attention from YouTubers like Muselk, SaltyPhish and other people. I'll add more info later, but if you haven't checked out Zylbrad's channel, go check it out, he's awesome!


He is a savage


Oh I forgot you guys need the link to view him


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