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Zyoshiman also known as Zeke is an American YouTuber who joined YouTube by creating little animation videos and Videogame videos. He is most famous for formerly working for SuperMarioLogan. He created his channel on the 05.04.2008 and has 3.000+ Subscribers. His real name is Ezekiel and he currently lives in Golden Colorado, he´s 21 years old. He currently does formats like Let´s Play, How not to play, Q&A; He currently plays are Pokémon Emerald.

How he started on YouTube

He is actually more famous than people think. Before he moved to Colorado, 2008 he and Logan Thirtyacre known as SuperMarioLogan created a Mario plush series called Mario and Luigi´s stupid and dumb adventures and he is also the creator of the famous Mama Luigi. The series now has millions of views and is pretty funny. Zeke played most of the characters back then except for Mario, Goomba Max, Luigi, Peach, Toad, the Goomba Lady from Episode 1 that Bowser had a date with and some others. There was plans for season 2 like Bubbles being a terrorist and him kidnaping Peach and Mario, Mama Luigi and Luigi would save her but this idea got scrapped because him and his Family moved away from Pensacola Florida in 2009 .

What is he doing now ?

He stopped creating animations because he got bored doing it and canceled the Mama Luigi series on his channel and he stopped using his zyoshiman Facebook account because he felt like he does not interact with his fans on this deep of a level. He started a Pokémon Emerald Let´s Play on his channel but had to stop because he lost his files and started working at Domino´s Pizza. His last video was uploaded one year ago it was a Q&A but he is still active on YouTube . His fans hope for more videos in 2015.

Important links

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How not to play warning the game is Sonic.exe it contains jumpscares :

Mama Luigi Zeke